The return of Daft Punk

Every year, it's rumored that we'll see the return of the incredible Daft Punk- well, now it's official!

Daft Punk return with a new studio album scheduled for release in May 2013!

Daft-Punk Following on from the epic Homework LP from 1997, the outstanding Discovery in 2011 and then the acclaimed Human After All in 2005, the last we saw from the French Duo was the official Soundtrack for 'Tron: Legacy' a couple of years back. It's fair to say the last release didn't enjoy the same joyous worldwide reception as the previous offerings - but nevertheless, it was enjoyed all the same. With details sketchy at this minute, there are confirmed reports of the Parisian masters working with an Oscar winning composer in the form of Paul Williams as well as Chilly Gonzales and disco legend Giorgio Moroder (of Donna Summer - 'love to love you' fame) in recent times. Whether this will form part of the new release, who knows..? Monsieur Thomas Bangalter and his compatriot Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo will be putting the new record out on the Columbia label in the next few months.


Now that rumor is confirmed - Daft Punk are back in 2013! It leaves the question - are Daft Punk going on tour in 2013?

We'll soon find out!

Here's my personal favourite from Daft Punk, arguably a forgotten gem!