Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for DJ's & Music Producers 2016
Its Christmas, and if you have a noisy DJ or Producer loved one to buy for, we have got you covered! Here's our X-mas 2016 top five gift ideas for DJ's & Producers. bg-dj-santa-640x4311-550x370

UDG Ultimate DIGI Headphone Bag Black

The market is saturated with Headphone bags and cases, so where do you start? This is our current favorite. The UDG DIGI Headphone Bag is a premium headphone carrying bag made from Ballistic Nylon that is designed to protect headphone, USB drives, SD cards, Ext. hard-drive, mobile phone, cables, business cards, credit cards and accessories in one padded carry bag that includes a handgrip, detachable and adjustable shoulder strap. The UDG DIGI Headphone Bag is the one bag a DJ or Producer needs to carry around today’s digital media.


Akai MPK Mini Mk2 White Limited Edition Midi Keyboard

DJ's and Producers are defiantly collectors so why not get them a sweet bit of kit that is also limited edition? The Akai MPK Mini MIDI Controller is the ultimate portable solution for the musician/producer on the go. A 13” wide 25-note keyboard, 8 back-lit, MPC-style pads (double up to 16 in total over the 2 banks) and 8 Q-Link knobs. Everything you could need to make beats, lay down chords bass and melodies. Mix all from one tiny unit at an unbeatable price. The Akai MPK Mini MIDI Controller is the choice for producers on the go. akaimpkminiwhiteleangle-1

Pioneer DDJ RB - Record Box DJ Controller

The entry-level DDJ-RB is inspired by our professional controllers for rekordbox dj, the DDJ-RZ and DDJ-RX. This USB-powered, 2-channel controller is all you need to get started with our rekordbox dj performance software. Perfected for use on the move, the DDJ-RB is a compact, lightweight controller packed with advanced features. It has an intuitive layout, responsive jog wheels and tactile Performance Pads that let you trigger Hot Cues, Pad FX, Slicer and Sampler. Plus a button to call up sample sequences directly from the hardware. You get a free rekordbox dj licence key bundled with this controller. Simply activate your licence key, connect the controller and start DJing.


KRK Rokit RP5 G3 Black Gold Active Studio Monitors (Pair)

We have got our hands exclusively on the new KRK Rokit RP5 G3 Black Gold Active Studio monitors. DJ's love gold, just google how much a pair of Gold Technics will set you back! These speaker sound as good as speakers worth twice their price and are suitable in the studio or in a DJ setup. A no brainier for the novice and the veteran alike. krk-rp5-g3-black-gold-1

Roland TR-09 Rhythm Composer & Roland TB-03 Bassline

Has your significant other still not proposed? Do they need that final push? Buy them this and if they still do not propose they never will do. The legendary Roland 909 and 303 redesigned for the 21st century. Every producer wants these in their life. tb-3-tr-9 Still not decided. Give us call on 0121 224 7650 and we will more than happy to go through some ideas with you.