Traktor finally lands on the iPad!
It's a monumental day in the day of digital DJing, as German tech giants Native Instruments have delivered their flagship DJ platform 'Traktor' to the tablet platform by way of an iPad app. Available right NOW from the app store for just £13.99! Traktor for iPad There will always be sceptics and those who think "you can't DJ properly using an iPad" however with more and more iOS compatible controllers becoming available from a variety of manufactures, this is fast becoming a reality. NI have really stepped up the game here when it comes to 'controller free' DJing. This is not a lite version of the software but rather a full blown stand alone alternate version of Traktor that takes full advantage of the iPads touch screen and iTunes music library.

"So how good is it?"

Well it is only version 1.0 but so far we have to say that compared to any other iPad DJ app we have tested the track analysis and beat grid detection on this is the best we have come across. Add to this a selection of Traktor's world renowned effects, looping and effects capabilities. There are also some new live remixing functions that it offers in freeze mode which is something we have yet to see from the standard version of Traktor. However, at current there are no remix decks built in to the app. There is no reason that this can not be used in a professional capacity as well as for starter DJ's looking to mix tunes at home or while travelling on their iPad. If that's not enough to wet your appetite then check out Richie Hawtin rocking out with it:

The verdict...

I'm that impressed that I am going to give it a whirl at my gig tonight.