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Traktor Kontrol S3 : Four Decks, at Your Fingertips

It is finally here, a controller that sits in between the long-running S2 and S4: The Traktor Kontrol S3. The aptly named 'S3' is the perfect solution for Traktor users who want more from their DJ equipment than what the 'S2' offers. The 'S4' has always been the next step-up. S4 users gain another two channels and a whole host of added features. The jump between the two controllers came at a price (£500 difference) which is more than double the cost of an S2. This is where the brand new Traktor Kontrol S3 comes in. At £499.00, the new addition to the family is an exact halfway-house, bridging the gap that has been created by its siblings. The big question is what features have been taken from each of the existing controllers? traktor kontrol s3 djtechdirect

Added Freedom

The most eye-catching aspect of the new S3 is the number of channels integrated within the mixer. Much like the S4, four decks are simultaneousy available. The mixer itself is fully sized. Each channel has its own individual cueing, three band equalisation, professional length volume faders and access to the 'Mixer FX' with a single touch. native instruments traktor kontrol s3 djtechdirect mixer eq

Intelligent Jog Wheels

The jog wheels on the S3 have integrated RGB coloured rings. The colours indicate different statuses of the deck, such as whether is currently active and if the track is about to finish. native instruments traktor kontrol s3 platter jog wheel

Customise Your Set

Both of the decks built into the S3 have eight RGB pads (Sixteen in total). These are seperate to the play/pause and cue buttons. The pads enable you to trigger hot-cues and launch samples, so you can get creative with your mix and add your own individual spice. The pitch faders on each deck are extra-long (thank god). There is nothing worse than trying to beatmatch, but you can't quite get the tracks in sync due to each movement of the fader being too sensitive. The Traktor Kontrol S3 avoids this with a craftily placed fader, with plenty of wiggle room.

Ready for the Club

The S3 has outputs for both 1/4 inch and 3.5mm headphone jacks. As a result, no more fumbling around for that trusty headphone adaptor! The front of the unit also has connectivity for external sources. The 'Mic D' corresponds to the designated area on the mixer to control the levels. The back of the controller has a plethora of cleverly placed connections. In terms of audio output, you have two options; XLR or RCA out. The booth output uses TRS (1/4 inch jack) ports. In the way of inputs, the RCA input is also on the rear of the unit. This area of the controller also hosts the iOS input for your Apple device, so you can use the S3 with Traktor DJ 2. native instruments traktor kontrol s3 djtechdirect inputs outputs rear controller


The Traktor Kontrol S3 is a welcome addition to the Native Instruments controller market. The S3 shares the same audio interface as the S4 (24-bit / 96 kHz). This is a step up in quality from the smaller S2. The S3 is the perfect companion to Traktor Pro 3 (included). Available now in-store and via our website!