pioneer reloop allen heath two channel mixer
Two-channel DJ mixers are the bread and butter of DJing. Here we look at the Pioneer DJM-250MK2, Allen & Heath Xone 23 and Reloop RMX-33i. These mixers are perfect for going between a pair of turntables or CDJ's, allowing you to mix your songs for hours of seamlessly flowing music. Due to the stripped-back nature of the two-channel mixers, the outlay will not burn too big a hole in your wallet. For that reason, all of these products come in at the sub £300 mark. Aspects such as FX, Equalisers and sonic presence are to be examined to ensure that the most used aspect of your set does the job. All of these mixers are available to order on our website, the big decision is deciding which one is for you! pioneer djm-250 djm-250mk2 rekordbox plx-500 two-channel mixers

Two-Channel Mixers for Under £300

Pioneer DJM-250MK2
If you have played out and about in bars and clubs, then you will recognise the look and feel of Pioneer DJ products. They are there for a reason. The DJM-250MK2 is the first entry in the DJM range, coming in at £299.00. So considering equipment from this manufacturer usually comes with a hefty price-tag, what has been sacrificed to get the 250 below £300? The answer is, not a lot. Filtered down from the Nexus products is the Magvel fader and Sound Colour FX. This is where we come across arguably the only thing missing from this mixer that Pioneer likely had to avoid for the cost; the Beat FX. If this is not a feature that is important to you, then the 250 has all you could want and more. Scratching is easier due to the freedom in the bottom section of the 250. The robust fader is designed to be used in such a way, so don't worry about really going for it! There are three frequency bands for calculated mixing between tracks, each one isolating the frequency band upon a full turn anti-clockwise. Additionally, the 250 stands out from alternative two-channel units with its channel-dedicated Sound Colour FX. With software and DVS licenses included in the package, there really hasn't been a whole lot of compromise with this unit! More information on our website. pioneer dj djm-250mk2 two-channel mixer
Allen & Heath Xone 23
If there is an award for most features onboard a budget mixer, the Xone 23 wins. The 23 describes itself as a "2 + 2 Channel Mixer" due to its four inputs. There are only two available channels, but each one has two inputs. The three-band equalisers are 'complete kill' so the frequencies don't stand a chance of coming through once isolated. We get a filter as we do on the DJM-250, except this time engineered by the same group behind the staple Xone filters. It has adjustable resonance control putting you at the forefront. The controls are soft to the touch and feature light-up buttons, perfect for the club. The design is also very eye-catching. For those who prefer this company's 'alternative industry-standard' mixers such as the Xone 92 and 96, their two-channel solution is the way to go. It also comes in even cheaper than its competitor at £239. For more information, head to our website!
allen heath xone 23 two-channel mixer
Reloop RMX-33i
Reloop offers two options sub £300. The RMX-22i is purely a two-channel mixer, but the three-channel brother creeps into the pricepoint with the addition of a whole new channel. This mixer shares a lot more with the DJM-250 than with the Xone 23. The USP for this mixer, though, is the options when it comes to FX. Rather than just a filter, we get the addition of white noise, bit crush and gate. The design is great and with the extra channel, you might sway to this as your choice. The fader curves are adjustable, and so too are EQ curves. Isolation is an option, but for that classic EQ feel you can swap to 'classic' mode. This is a lot of extras to be in the same price bracket! Don't rule this one out. Both the 22i and 33i are available on our website. reloop rmx 33i 22i two-channel dj mixer For more information call us on 0121 224 7650 or visit our website!