Where Is My DJ Equipment?

As many of you DJ’s are probably aware it has been rather difficult to get your hands on some of the industry’s best and most popular products, be it a Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ, a Technics Turntable or a set of speakers.

Don’t worry it isn’t just affecting you as it has had wider reaches across the electronics industries but let us give you a better explanation to help give you some clarity;

Supply & Demand

As you have probably read or heard (predominantly in the PC industry) there is a shortage of microchips and silicon parts. This is one of the main causes of delays on bigger units such as the CDJ-3000, Denon Prime series, XDJ series and mixers such as the DJM-900NXS2.

These flagship units are being produced as fast as the chip manufacturer's can get the chips over to companies like Pioneer DJ, Numark, Denon and Rane.

This delay in manufacturing compounds onto the supply chain with delays of units arriving in Europe then the UK or units having to be rationed (or allocated in small amounts) to each dealership to ensure a fair field for all DJ dealerships like ourselves.

Cost Of Getting Items

Due to a number of factors (Brexit, cost of oil, Covid etc) the cost of getting units shipped has taken a hike and not at a small level – we are talking upwards towards 1000% plus. This has simply meant that suppliers to mitigate the cost being passed on to you the customer have taken decisions such as slower shipping methods (such as using cargo ships instead of planes) which has added a extra 1-2 months (as a start) to getting a unit into Europe.


In the throes of Covid, we would be forgiven for forgetting about Brexit but alas it has an effect on stock arriving in the UK. With most suppliers main warehousing being in Europe and then having to drive the stock to the UK, this involves a lot more paperwork and cost compared to pre 2021.

Add in the fact the UK & Europe are facing a large shortage of quailed HGV drivers it creates the perfect environment for delays to us getting you that shiny new XZ you have been awaiting 4 months for.

Overall, our brand partners are working around the clock to rectify the delays and work out ways to get you that unit you want as fast as they can so please if you have an order with us do be patient and if you haven’t already ordered it is recommended to get a pre-order in ready for the next drop.