Virtual DJVirtual DJ is one of the most popular DJ software packages available. Virtual DJ is engineered by DJ Software experts Atomix productions.

It comes as standard with number of leading brand USB DJ Controllers, including models from Pioneer, American Audio, Denon, Numark and Hercules.

Various controllers have customised versions of the software, for instance the Pioneer DDJ Ergo V includes Virtual DJ LE. It offers 4 deck mixing, DJ effects, sampling and lots of creative features such as vinyl emulation control over MP3s and digital music files. Automatic beat matched crossfading and tempo analysis means anyone can DJ with Virtual DJ.

Virtual DJ is also compatible with most DJ controllers out there. It is MIDI mappable, so you can set-up almost any DJ controller to work with it.

It is versatile and easy to use and loved by the professional DJ, club DJ, mobile DJ and bedroom DJ. 

Some versions of virtual DJ also offers video mixing capabilities too.

Rival DJ software packages include Native Instruments Traktor and various offerings from Serato, including Serato Scratch Live, Serato DJ Intro and Serato DJ.