Equipment will be:

2 x Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus decks

1 x Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus Mixer

1 x Pioneer HDJ 2000 headphones

If anyone wishes to bring their own headphones they may do so but please keep them on you as neither we nor The Rainbow will be held responsible if you loose them.

Unfortunately there will be no vinyl turntables as the rules of the record attempt state that only 2 decks and one mixer may be used. Also this means we can not accommodate for those looking to use MIDI controllers either.


Thanks to our good friends at some of the leading brands in the world of music production and DJ gear, we are collating quite the prize fund of goodies to give away. We will be doing this in form of a raffle where by the sale full sale of tickets will go to Balls To Cancer.



The event is looking to be very busy so this is the perfect opportunity to play in front of many people. For some of you this will be something you are used to. For others this may be a little daunting so we would ask that you all show some love and support for your fellow DJs at the event.

Other than keeping your tunes in time we would also ask that you turn up on time too. In order to get things underway smoothly we would ask that you all make it to the venue for 11am for registration. Yes that’s AM the event will get underway from midday and carry on for as long as possible.

Please DO NOT assume that as you turn up late that you will be playing later as that is not how it will work. DJ’s are being scheduled prior to getting there to ensure as smooth a transition as possible through musical styles.

The Bar will be open from Midday and as much as you might want a tipple early on, please don’t get smashed before you play as you don’t want to be the drunk idiot who spoils the record attempt for everyone else.

So what is the current record?

117 DJ’s is the current record and judging by the numbers already we should beat that easily but we don’t just want to beat it, we want to smash it by a mile. That brings me on to the next part…


Using the link above you can download a pack with some banners and so forth that you can use to promote the fact that you are taking part and by all means tell you friends and fellow DJs as we cant stress enough this is a collaborative thing and a chance for the DJ community to unite for a full on party and a chance to network with promoters and some big DJs and producers.

The event is free for ANYONE to attend (providing they are over 16) even if they can’t DJ so bring your mates or your family down. Make the mhttpost of it. we wiuld again ask for a small donation to be made to the Balls To Cancer charity here: