10 Reasons you need to start Producing Music if you are a DJ.
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1) Your half way there already.

As a DJ, whether you realize it or not, your understanding of music is deep. I know many song writers who's understanding of the way a track moves a dance floor is no where near as good of that of their DJ counterparts. DJ's know what works and what doesn't. This is what so many songwriters lack, so take advantage of it. fist-pump-baby-finally-half-way-there

2) Gets you more gigs.

It is a sad fact these days that very few DJ's get booked on the back of their DJ skills alone. More often than not its as a result of the music they have produced. So why sit there grumble about it. If you you aretruley a good DJ, put the time in and you will be a great producer.

3) Increases your DJ skill.

Producing will increase your understanding of Music and the Science of sound it self. You will begin to really understand different musical keys, pitch, EQ, acoustics ect. All this will significantly increase your skill as a DJ in way that cannot be achieved without production knowledge.

4) You can make money from it.

You get paid everytime your track is played on the radio, in a live music event , a shop, a track is download, streamed ect.. Their is even money being made form Vinyl sales again! O and don't forget all the extra gigs your getting from your bad-ass tracks! the-feeling-when-you-get-money_o_503510

5) You can incorporate it into you DJ sets.

Native Instruments, Ableton and now even industry leaders Pioneer give you countless ways to make your DJ sets unique. Don't believe us just watch any interview with Richie Hawtin from the last 10 years.

6) Make the music you want to hear.

Its so frustrating as a DJ searching for that perfect track you have in yourmind, that probably doesn't even exist. Well why not make it?

7) Guaranteed to get you over your ex.

Feeling heartbroken? Nothing distracts you from the love of your life like a 3 day stint in the studio. In fact its a pretty good way of getting rid of the partner you never wanted as well. ninobrown-e1353356756397

8) It Will help cut your drinking habit.

All this new gear and time in the studio means you will have less spare cash and time to go out. You will have to cut you social schedule from 6 nights out to 5.

9) Great way to get back at the neighbor who complained about the Djing

If your Donald Trump supporting neighbor keeps moaning about your daily two hour Techno sets then how about really annoying them by EQ'ing the same Hi Hat sound for a few hours. And they thought your DJ sets were repetitive. pffttttt... 684x384_336370

10) Its pretty much the funnest thing ever.

Ultimately production is both fun and rewarding. Don't get me wrong learning the basics of the craft can be really frustrating. But if you can get over the first hurdles nothing compares to the reaction you get when one of your own tracks is played in the club. Please do not use this image in any context without permission - Thank you http://www.essentialibiza.com/