3 things about the Denon SC5000 that will make your jaw drop.
unnamed (4) The Denon DJ SC5000 Prime represents a real paradigm shift in DJ Technology, right here, right now. Here are 3 things about the Denon SC5000 that will make your jaw drop)

1) It can run without power!

power-cut-i-summer-season-647x450 It has happened to all of us. Drunk Jack or Jill has 'accidentally' pulled the kettle lead from the CDJ. With the SC5000 problem solved. The unit will continue to play without power for plenty enough time for you to plug back in the cable, scratch your mum and have a shot of tequila. Perfect.

2) It analyzes your tracks without the need of a computer!

Smashed-computer The convenience of using USB's to DJ has somewhat been hindered by the inconvenience of having to analyze your tracks on the computer beforehand. With the SC5000 this is a thing of the past. The unit will automatically analyze and encode tracks via the unit. So drag on what ever tracks you want to the USB and take it straight to the club no problem!

3) The Screen!

Cinema It is difficult to put into words how good the Sc5000 hi definition screen is. You will probably just have to see it to believe it. But put it this way: when Denon next ask us for product feedback I will be suggesting that they create a patch that allows you to watch Netflix on it. POMmarch17