Akai AMX

Akai AMX


The AMX is basically a 2 channel controller mixer for Serato, giving the user everything that you'd expect to see from any standard mixer - gains, cross-fader, high, mid, low end eq knobs, master output volume and additional features such as cue, play & pause.

One thing that you'll notice straight away with this controller/mixer is the price. Its fairly unheard of in any platform that you will get any form of controller for less than £200, but you do with this. In theory, you could buy this and then the dvs option in Serato and you're away to go for less than £300 - Bargain!

As the price is cheap, it doesn't mean that the product is in the slightest. The build quality is great and the sound quality doesn't seem to be lost, even when plugging it into an Allen & Heath or Pioneer mixer and just running off one of the channels.


Another handy feature, is that you can scroll and add tracks from your library into Serato, allowing you to not look like one of these djs that are fiddling with their laptop every 10 seconds, looking like you're checking your emails mid set. Its also very intuitive as it is touch sensitive, just like the Numark NV which allows you to kill the bass, mid, treble as soon as you touch the knob, basically giving you more creative freedom when you're playing. The multipurpose buttons/knobs dont end there and a cool bonus is the filter knob can also be used to role loops etc.. I stumbled across this accidentally as Im not one for reading manuals, but what a nice surprise that was... As a side note, I honestly think that the best way to learn is just just have a mess around with equipment first and try for yourself, you cant break it by pressing buttons *disclaimer - I am not responsible for any heavy handed sausage fingers breaking their toys by saying that ;)

One slight negative, which is also a positive, is that it is USB powered, meaning that the volume isn't the loudest but you don't have to worry about finding plugs in the booth etc. Like I say, it doesn't affect the sound quality if you're running it through an external mixer, so it may not be something you need to worry about.

This really is perfect for those gigs where the equipment really isn't up to scratch, just simply plug it into the house mixer and away you go, or if you want something compact to play with at home, train or plane.

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