Laptop Stand or Bust...

Laptop Stands or bust....

This could be a literal statement if you arent careful, or just a little stupid.

Laptop stands are often the last thing that a digital dj thinks about, like its a given right that one should be sat there waiting for your laptop when you arrive in any venue. Believe me this will NEVER happen, mainly due to sticky fingers and if it was there longer than one event, well, it wouldn't be... simple.

They are so, so important too. Many a time I have walked into a venue and seen a £1500 laptop balancing on a ledge or one next to 'Rowdy Rickys' pint as he's trying to sing a song to you that he wants playing, as he sways like a hippie on a high.

So, what do you look for in a laptop stand to steer you away from such hazards and makes the laptop accessable to use? Well as you'll be taking it everywhere with you, it has to be light, portable and sturdy. One thing that you dont want is CHEAP! Like previously mentioned, the laptop stand is protecting your laptop - Obviously... But think what that laptop means to you. It could cost thousands of pounds and store hours upon hours of music that you've spent a fortune on, not to mention the time you've spent looking for them - the last thing you want is for it to go crashing to the ground or it to have a liquid death.

There are many, many styles out there, with a vast price range too, so you need to find one that fits right in the middle that wont break your bank (or laptop) and one you can trust. You could go for a metal stand that you screw together, but believe me, you will soon get fed up of constructing it all of the time (these are perfect for home/studio use) not to mention, they look a bit whack. So you need a foldable one that will be ready for use in seconds and will fit any situation or space thats available to you.

Step forward The Odyssey 360! At less than £65 this ticks all of the boxes and looks the part also. Not too dissimilar to the Crane Stands (but without the hefty price tag), its robust and can hold most laptops/small controllers. From what they say "It's the lightest in the industry with the quickest adjustable setup of multiple heights and angles" Odyssey Website.


Features and Specifications

• Weighs only 2 lbs. • No Assembly Required • Folds Flat • Folded Dimensions: 12.5" X 1.25" x 11.5" • 360 Degree Rotating Arm and Base For Multiple Angle Adjustments • Quick Lock and Release Setup Design • Adjustable Frame Height • 16" Maximum Body Height(not including arms) • 11" Minimum Body Height(not including arms) • Includes Rubber Grip Stickers for Ultra Stability • Arm End Hooks Extend Additional 1/2" For Increased Steep Angle Support • Available in 3 Colors: Black, Mac Silver, and White • Convenient Carrying Pouch Included

Approximate Dimensions (exterior): 12.5"W x 1.25"H x 11.5"D
Approximate Weight: 2.1 lbs
We've been using these in-store now for a good few months and not once have we had anything take a jump onto the floor, whilst being held by the Odyssey 360.