Akai LPK25 Wireless: Brilliantly portable
Akai LPK25 Wireless is, you guessed it, a wireless version of the LPK25. It is a compact mini controller that claims to free you from the hassle of mains and wires. The model is undoubtedly fully mobile which is ideal for musicians who are always on the go. With superlatives like ‘liberation’ and ‘freedom’ being banded around, let’s cut through the hyperbole and examine whether this model really does offer freedom. akai-lpk25-wireless


Obviously, the biggest draw of the LPK25 is its wireless capability. Thankfully its wireless quality does not reduce its functionality or usability. The device is powered by three AA batteries, with a long performance life. Akai says that fresh batteries should last for at least 72 hours of performance time. In those annoying times when you run out of juice, you can charge up via the USB connection. With wires out of the equation, you no longer have to stress out about tripping over a cable mid-performance. Instead you can kick back and perform wherever you like, from the stage to the sofa.

Feature Rich

The LPK25 Wireless may be mini sized and lightweight but it is laden with features specially designed for musicians who are always on the move. The device showcases a 25 note mini key bed which is brilliantly responsive, which really enhances the user experience. You can also enjoy Octave Up and Octave Down buttons, ensuring that you are playing in exactly the right note range you want. We really like the powerful Arpeggiator mode that transforms chords into dynamic and exciting sound landscapes. The LPK25 comes along with a sustain pedal input so you have more control over each individual for each chord and riff. akai-lpk25-wireless-keys


The LPK25 handily connects to any iOS device. When you think of the vast array of music production that are available, you can imagine the possibilities for off-the-cuff creations when coupled with the model’s portability. The LPK5 makes a great pairing with Akai’s LPD8 Wireless Bluetooth MIDI pad controller if you really want to go all out with your wireless set-up. It is evident that Akai are really pushing the boat out to create unlimited, free creative options. akai-lpk25-wireless-with-ipad Whether you want to knock out some keys sitting in front of the TV, on the train or in a free moment between gigs, the LPK25 Wireless allows you to get creative whenever and crucially wherever you like. While it may not be game-changing in its features, we love its Bluetooth connectivity which lets you go cable free. With its accessible price point and easy to use features, we definitely recommend this model for both newcomers and those looking to free themselves from the burden of cables.