American DJ MY DMX 3.0: First accessible DMX?
American DJ MY DMX 3.0 claims to be the first affordable and accessible DMX on the market. For the uninitiated, a DMX synchronises and controls a lighting system, allowing an array of disparate features to be combined together. Traditionally, the practise has proved expensive, difficult to get into and has required a degree of technical knowledge. With the DMX 3.0, American DJ has made a concerted effort to bring the DMX experience to a new audience, with the 3.0 proving its most powerful model yet. Let’s examine the model to see how American DJ has made the 3.0 both accessible and innovatively designed to bring brilliant light shows to the widest possible audience. American-DJ-MY-DMX-3

High-Calibre Software

The DMX 3:0 combines both hardware and software and is fully compatible with both a Mac and PC. It consists of an enhanced interface box along with brand new software, so you receive two new products for the price of one. The software allows you to enjoy advanced new features, while keeping the intuitive qualities that made the original MY DMX so popular. A feature that we really appreciated is the seamless transition from the 2.1 to 3.0 software. For current owners of the MY DMX 2.1 system, they will be pleased to know that you can use the 2.1 hardware interface with the new MY DMX 3.0 software. Better still, it is completely free of charge. The MY DMX 3.0 software is now currently available to for My DMX 2.1 users to download from the American DJ website free of charge.

What’s new?

The MY DMX 3.0 makes no secret that it is an update of the very popular 2.1 model. As a result, the designs share many similarities, with the 3.0 retaining the best features of its predecessor. That is not to say that the 3.0 does not offer a number of interesting new features. Let’s take a look. The 3.0 includes a host of new tools that help create dazzling light displays. The biggest feature may well be the ability to create Scenes, which allows you to create groups and play up to four of them at the same time. An array of looks and effects can be combined to offer an enhanced level of improvised and exciting creativity. Alongside this, scenes can be flashed as well as edited during a live performance, thanks to the model’s new Blind mode. This allows changes to be made to the show without the need for outputting a DMX signal. American-DJ-MY-DMX-screen Another neat addition that really enhances the design is an upgraded version of sound-to-light synchronisation. The 3.0 includes both audio and pulse analysis that allows chase scenes to be seamlessly matched to the music, so you can really amp up your music performance with an integrated and exuberant light show. If you prefer a more tactile experience with the model, the 3.0 also includes a BPM tap feature. This allows you to control the chase speed by tapping a key to the beat of the music. This upgrade is great for users who desire a more hands-on experience with their DMX.


The new 3.0 interface box is kitted out with a USB computer connection, alongside a both a 3-pin and 5-pin XLR DMX output socket, which empowers you with maximum compatibility with all DMX fixtures, which is super-handy. American-DJ-MY-DMX-3-rear Overall, the 3.0 retains the best features of the 2.1 and then some. If you already use the 2.1, it is definitely worth your time to consider upgrading, especially considering the sweetener of the free software upgrade. For people who are just starting their light show journey, the affordability and quality of this model make it an ideal first DMX.