rane seventy
Following NAMM, Rane have released a brand new 2 channel battle mixer in the same vein as the Seventy Two. Where as its predecessor was an all round club mixer with a battle mixer layout, the Seventy is definitely and unapologetically a battle and scratch mixer. Lets take a deeper look at the layout and what makes this such a good battle mixer. rane seventy

Build Quality.

Much like the Seventy Two, this mixer is so well built. It feels rugged yet luxury. Its built from solid steel with the same high end components. All the buttons and knobs all feel quality.When inMusic took over Rane, many avid fans were worried the quality of the products would go down however this doesn't seem to be the case so far. rane seventy

The New MAG FOUR Faders.

Rane are claiming the brand new contactless MAG Four Faders on this mixer are 50% lighter than the previous iteration. So for the scratch DJ's this is ideal. The Crossfader also comes with adjustable tension control to make it tighter or loser so you can really make it personal to your own style. rane seventy

The Effects Section.

The Rane Seventy gives you instant access to both inbuilt effects and Serato effects. You have dedicated effects buttons for Delay, Phaser, flanger, Echo, brake and reverb. On either side of these you have dedicated loop buttons too. You will also find instant double buttons conveniently located. This will add to live performances for sure. Having fast access with a clean and logical layout will mean jumping through effects and being able to really be more experimental with your performances. rane seventy

The Pad Section.

Below the Effects section you will find 16 Akai MPC Pads which can be used for a number of different functions. Rane include the basic functions such as hot cues, roll and loop however the pads can also be used for a few other features which can really bring your mixes to life. You can go into saved loops mode which you can save loops and instantly access them with the touch of a pad. You also get a sampler mode and also transport control. As you can see, with the pads you can really expand your mixes. You can really get creative and due to the well thought out layout, you can get creative very fast. The pads feel great to the touch and have a pleasant lighting. With the help of Akai and their expertise in this field its no wonder they are so responsive. rane seventy

Inputs and Outputs.

There are one or two little bonuses that you get in addition to the norm on the Seventy. You will notice dual USB inputs for plugging in more than one laptop. So seamless transitions between DJ's is easy. Along with two Aux inputs you also get two Phono/CD inputs for analogue turntables. You can also plug in two mics through the switchable combi inputs. These can be switched from mic to line input. The components Rane chooses to use in their mixers is class leading and so the all the inputs have great signal to noise ratios.


There is no mistaking who Rane is targeting with this mixer. This is a great addition to their already award winning line up and scratch DJ's will love it. The focus of this mixer is to be expressive and creative. The layout of the FX sections is clean and easy to understand. All the buttons and faders feel great and the added touch of being able to customise the feel of the faders is a great touch. The Rane Seventy Mixer is now available to Pre-Order online or in our Birmingham Showroom today!