Pioneer Announce BRAND NEW Six-Channel Mixer! - The Pioneer DJM-V10
The season of new product releases is upon us! Pioneer DJ has 'joined in' with the hype by announcing a brand new six-channel mixer! The DJM-V10 is not like any of the previous DJM mixers, though. We had to take a second glance, as it is physically very different compared to what you would expect. It seems they have taken a positive step into the 'serious tier' of DJ mixers. This isn't just a six-channel iteration of a DJM-750 or 900NXS2. The 'Nexus' label hasn't even been associated with this model. The design follows a new path, arguably one that was laid out by the PLAYdifferently Model 1. But will this mixer hold up against its cult competitors? With Pioneer's rich history in the DJ market and their industry-standard backing, they are definitely on to a winner. To get your hands on one before anyone else, head over to our website where you can get your order in now! pioneer dj six channel mixer DJM-V10 djtechdirect birmingham

Pioneer DJM-V10

There has always been a limit to where Pioneer DJ products go to. Their CDJ's and mixers are found in 99% of bars and clubs worldwide because they fit the bill. But what about when DJ's and live performers want to get serious? They look for better sound quality, more channels, more connections and overall, more possibilities beyond a standard four-channel design. Up until now, this void has been filled by the Model 1 and the Xone:96, or the RANE MP2015 for the rotary fans. Enter the Pioneer DJM-V10. pioneer djm-v10 dj mixer six channel djtechdirect birmingham

Craft Your Sound

DJ mixers are essentially glorified pre-amplifiers with added volume/frequency attenuation. Because of this, the components within need to make sure that the audio signal does not degrade in quality. Any analogue signal, from a turntable, for example, should pass through high-quality processing to ensure the resulting digital signal has a minimal loss in sonic quality. The resulting analogue signal that is passed to your active speakers or amplifier should also be practically untouched, due to a high-quality DAC. This is all done in milliseconds by the V10. pioneer DJM-V10 dj mixer technology chip djtechdirect birmingham

Meticulous Design

The DJM-V10 is designed from the ground up. Pioneer hasn't simply added two channels to an existing design, they have tested new components and combinations until they created something entirely new. So what's new? For starters, each channel has four-band EQ, rather than the standard three. These consist of HI, HI-MID, LOW-MID, LOW. In order to achieve this, new frequency curves and Q factors have been implemented compared to previous EQ models. The result is even more control over your tracks, for accurate mixing between songs. pioneer djm-v10 four band eq birmingham djtechdirect dj mixer six channel

More than a DJ Mixer

In order to appeal to the professionals, the V10 features an extensive send and return section. This enables the user to hook up external hardware such as pedals and FX units. Incorporated in this section are some built-in effects, so you don't need to add external units if they aren't necessary. These include delay, echo and reverb. You can adjust the mix level of these with the 'send' knob found on each channel. pioneer djm-v10 six channel mixer send return fx djtechdirect birmingham

Master Isolation

A major introduction to the DJM series comes in the form of master channel frequency isolation. This is something that a lot of DJ's have been crying out for, as you can adjust the output of every single source based on the room, without having to individually EQ each channel. Sound engineers rejoice! pioneer djm-v10 master EQ isolator six channel mixer djtechdirect birmingham

Made to Fade

The channel faders and crossfader may look familiar, but they are completely new. It took Pioneer over 40 attempts to get the design how they wanted, showing just how dedicated they are to this mixer. Adjustments can be made all the way down to 1mm increments, whilst retaining the robust construction to withstand relentless movements from 0 to 100. pioneer djm-v10 six channel mixer faders channel crossfader djtechdirect birmingham

A Bold Move from a Household Name

Pioneer started with a blank canvas and an idea, to craft a mixer that exceeds expectation. There are certainly hints of aspects found on mixers designed by competitors, but they have added their own spin on these factors to incorporate Pioneer's rich history. Watch this space, as this mixer is going to be an absolute beauty to mix with. We can't wait! To get your demo booked, call us on 0121 224 7650. Want one before anyone else? Head to our website here to place your order!