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Allen and Heath XONE 92 represents the pinnacle of professional analogue DJ mixers, with advanced performance features and pristine sound quality. Allen & Heath's XONE series of professional analogue DJ mixers have been a constant fixture of some of the most demanding DJ booths across the world. Few DJ mixers are the product of a company renowned for making professional mixing consoles; its that kind of industry know-how which has always placed the Allen and Heath XONE mixers ahead for pure audio quality. The Allen and Heath XONE 92 takes the XONE heritage and brings with it new features professional DJ's will adore... Allen & Heath Xone 92

Allen and Heath XONE 92 - The industry standard

When you use an Allen and Heath XONE mixer, you'll instantly know you're using something rather special. The build quality is amongst the best in the industry, not to mention the legendary sound quality of the XONE series mixers; once you use a XONE mixer it's unlikely you'll want to use anything else. Many of the world's top DJ's specify the Allen and Heath XONE 92 on their production risers; it's also an installed fixture in the booths of some of the world's biggest superclubs, for some very good reasons. A professional mixer has to stand up to intensive use night after night without failure; Allen & Heath know this and have equipped the XONE 92 with a high-quality Penny & Giles crossfader for severe duty. Should that fader eventually wear out under extreme use, it can be quickly and easily replaced without disassembling the whole mixer. Allen and Heath XONE92 rear Professional applications demand the most flexible and durable of connection options: The Allen & Heath XONE 92 offers six input channels in total, four phono/line channels and two general purpose channels. The general purpose channels can be used either as microphone channels and/or stereo inputs for effects units/processors etc. The professional features keep coming with dedicated stereo auxiliary sends for use with FX units, as well as balanced XLR master outputs and three extra pairs of stereo outputs! These comprise of a dedicated balanced jack output for booth monitoring, a balanced jack output for a "mix 2" mix and an RCA output for easy connection to a recorder.

Allen and Heath XONE 92 - The performers choice

An area in which the XONE 92 really triumphs is in its advanced performance features, designed to give the creative DJ the tools they need for an expressive and entertaining set. The XONE 92 features one of the best EQ sections in the industry with a four-band EQ which allows for complete kill of the HF and LF bands. A classic feature of the XONE series mixers is the assignable stereo filters; the XONE 92 features two filters which can be assigned to the crossfader or line channels. These resonant filters, the same as you'd find in an analogue synthesiser, are an amazingly expressive tool for the performance DJ. Allen and Heath XONE92 Uniquely amongst DJ mixers, the XONE 92 was one of the first DJ mixers to incorporate MIDI control into the mixer controls. Use, for example, the crossfader to control a value in a software music application. The possibilities are huge and limited only by your imagination. If you're in the market for a truly world class DJ mixer, then the Allen & Heath XONE 92 deserves to be at the top of your list. You'll have to search long and hard to find another DJ mixer with its combination of build quality, world-class sound and advanced performance features.