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KRK VXT4 and VXT8 monitors represent KRK's mid-range monitor range, offering high detail for a great value price. An often overlooked, yet very important aspect of any project studio setup is the monitor speakers. Listening through cheap speakers is a bit like trying to paint a picture through a dirty window; you'll never be exactly sure of what's on the other side, and if your mix decisions are accurate or not. KRK has ruled the roost for affordable project studio monitors, for some time now; the KRK Rokit's appearing in a huge number of project studios worldwide. Did you know about KRK's excellent VXT range of monitors though? KRK VXT featured image


KRK's VXT monitor range sits pretty much bang in the middle of KRK's range of powered monitor loudspeakers. Powered speakers offer a number of advantages over traditional loudspeakers, not least convenience. Being active loudspeakers the KRK VXT monitors need only a power cable and a signal cable; either balanced or unbalanced 1/4" jack or balanced XLR. In other words, perfect for the project studio or for direct connection to your DJ mixer. KRK's hugely successful Rokit range is very much aimed at those getting started and needing a lot of "bang-for-buck". With the VXT range, however, KRK has aimed squarely at offering professional standard monitor speakers at an attainable price point. KRK VXT The first thing you notice about the KRK VXT's are the signature yellow, woven, Kevlar speaker cones; Kevlar is an extremely stiff material (it's used for bulletproof vests!) and resists distortion at high volumes, ideal for any DJ. You can't help but notice the distinctively shaped cabinets either... The unique shape of the KRK VXT speakers is designed to reduce the effects of diffraction and internal cabinet resonances. These are the terms given to what happens when the energy from the back of the speaker, bounces around inside the cabinet. If it's left unchecked it leads to an inaccurate sound with distortion and unpleasant peaks in the sound spectrum.


KRK VXT4 is the entry-level model in the VXT range and is ideal for quality monitoring in smaller spaces. Small rooms limit the physical size of speaker you can fit in the room, and you'll often find a small speaker turned up will sound better than a big speaker in a small room, which can often be overpowering. A two-way design, using a 4" woofer with a 1" soft-dome tweeter, the KRK VXT4 reproduces a respectable frequency range of 66Hz - 22kHz. Should you need more low-end response, you can always pair the VXT4's with a subwoofer such as the KRK 10s2 KRK VXT4


Stepping up in the range to the KRK VXT8, we're now firmly in the realm of professional quality loudspeakers. The two onboard amplifiers deliver an impressive 240 watts in total to the 8" woofer and 1" soft dome tweeter, for a powerful, distortion-free and detailed delivery Frequency response is wide and deep, at 37Hz to 22kHz, plenty wide enough for use without an external subwoofer, although the addition of one will add truly seismic bass response to these already impressive monitor speakers. KRK VXT8 Whichever speaker you choose from the impressive KRK VXT range, you're assured of professional quality reproduction coupled to great value for money. Whether it's for practising your DJ chops at home, or as a main pair of studio monitors, the KRK VXT are sure to impress!