Denon MCX8000
Denon MCX8000 USB MIDI DJ controller combines the functions of a USB DJ midi controller, mixer and all-in-one computer-less DJ solution, in one great package. The worlds of hardware and computer DJ'ing are now more blurred than ever before; computers can talk to hardware, and hardware can talk to computers. Denon's MCX8000 takes that one step further, with a comprehensively featured DJ MIDI controller which can work with or without a computer! Let's take a look at what it was that earned the Denon MCX8000 DJ Mag's "Ultimate DJ Controller" award... Feature-callouts DENON MCX8000

Denon MCX8000 - the professional standalone solution

Denon is one of the "big names" in the world of DJ equipment; DJ booths across the world have proudly featured Denon equipment for decades. Renowned for high quality, robust equipment which will take a beating night after night and come back for more. Denon's DJ based CD decks were some of the first to gain acceptance in professional circles and set the tone for Denon as an innovator in the field of professional DJ equipment; something which is still very much true today. Denon's thoroughly up-to-date MCX8000 is an incredibly versatile all-in-one unit which is both a USB MIDI controller, audio interface, mixer, stand-alone player and so much more! The Denon MCX8000 is your interface between you and your music and gives you the power to put together an awesome DJ set anywhere, anytime.

Computer integration with Serato

The Denon MCX8000 is able to connect to your computer via USB, enabling powerful integration with the world-class Serato DJ Software. Synced with Serato, the MCX8000 forms a highly powerful and intuitive controller for Serato, putting the power of Serato at your fingertips. A powered USB host port, allows you to connect an external drive of music directly to the Denon MCX8000. This can be accessed by your connected computer, or in standalone mode. A great feature which frees up USB ports on your computer, and also guarantees a rock-solid backup option. The Denon MCX8000 includes a powerful audio interface, routing the audio from your laptop straight to a pair of analogue outputs, which offer both unbalanced RCA outputs, and professional, balanced XLR outputs for direct connection to a PA system for example. A dedicated headphone cue function is provided, allowing for a full professional digital DJ solution. Denon MCX8000 back

Computerless operation

For those who'd prefer an all-in-one computerless solution to digital DJ'ing, or for those who would feel more relaxed knowing they have a rock-solid backup solution, The Denon MCX8000 is able to operate as a completely self-contained digital DJ solution. Two, high-definition display screens display all the information you could need for cueing and constructing a mix. The Denon MCX8000 includes a 4-channel digital mixer which comes with built-in effects and external line inputs for easy integration. Built with a solid metal chassis, not plastic, the Denon MCX8000 incorporates velocity-sensitive performance pads for cues, rolls, slicer and samples. MCX8000 angle front The "power under the hood" of the Denon MCX8000 is Denon's "Engine" software; Engine is the exclusive software which allows the MCX8000 to perform without a laptop. Installing Denon's Engine software on your Mac or PC lets you create your playlists/crates, set cue points, and analyze your entire library. All of your playlists, along with cues etc. can then be saved to a pen-drive, for example, and plugged directly into the Denon MCX8000 for a completely self-contained, highly powerful, digital DJ solution. Looking for a rock-solid, hassle free, easy to use, professional Digital DJ player/mixer/controller? Then the Denon MCX8000 should be very firmly at the top of your list.