Pioneer DJS-1000
Pioneer DJS-1000 performance sampler combines Toraiz SP16 and CDJ2000 for incredible live power and creative potential. Pioneer is one of the biggest names in professional DJ technology and have a reputation for innovation and quality. Their latest release, the DJS-1000 combines the hugely powerful sampler/synthesiser functions of the Toraiz SP16 with the familiar form factor of the CDJ series, and much more... Are you ready to send your sets into orbit? Ready to push the creative boundaries? The DJS-1000 could be just the tool you've been looking for... Pioneer DJS-1000

Pioneer DJS-1000 - a new concept

Wolrd class DJ's have, for some years, incorporated advanced performance tools into their sets and rigs. From the legendary TB-303 bassline and TR-909 drum machines, through samplers and effects units, the biggest names have always brought innovation to the DJ booth. One of the big problems with this approach has been added complexity; not to mention the large amount of equipment big name DJ's had to carry around with them. Fightcases loaded with samplers, sequencers, and all the necessary hardware needed to allow them to sync with the DJ's decks and mixer. Pioneer's Toraiz SP16 performance sampler and step sequencer was a hugely impressive addition to the DJ's arsenal of performance tools. The Toraiz SP16 allowed any DJ to enhance their performances by loading samples, creating patterns, adding FX, loops, and manipulating them all in real time. Now, Pioneer has taken the Toraiz concept and engine and loaded it into the familiar form factor and package of the CDJ2000. In the process, they likely created one of the most powerful and exciting DJ performance tools in recent years... DJS-1000 full Nexus setup

DJS-1000 - a powerful creative tool

One look at the DJS-1000, and it's immediately clear that the DJS-1000 was designed to sit perfectly as part of an integrated live rig with other Pioneer Nexus decks and mixers. It's the same physical form factor and also includes powerful connections designed to integrate with the Nexus series. So, what can the DJS-100 actually DO for your sets? The short answer is, how big is your imagination? Let's look at the sampler first; Sample input sounds (the FX send function of the Pioneer mixers is ideal for this) and instantly use them as individual tracks. DJS-1000 Thanks to powerful integration with the Nexus series players and mixers via Pro DJ-link, the DJS-1000 syncs perfectly with the beat and the tempo. Your sampled sounds are automatically synchronised with the current sequence. Loop them, sequence them, or drop them straight into a live mix; the choice is yours! A powerful, 16 step sequencer allows you to create complex grooves on the fly; ideal for layering in a beat to gel your set together, or for looping rhythmic samples. The only limitation is your own creativity.

Intuitive performance controls

The most immediately striking feature of the DJS-1000 is its array of tactile, backlit performance pads. You can load up to 16 samples to these large rubber pads. You have the choice of using them as single-shot sample triggers or placing them in velocity mode; allowing you to change the sample volume with the amount of pressure you apply to the pads. The tactile performance features don't end there though; The DJS-1000 touch strip allows real-time control of sample pitch, and can also be used to retrigger samples rhythmically for drum roll type effects. The creative options are huge! If you're a live DJ looking for a powerful sampler and sound manipulation tool with built-in effects and tactile control, then the Pioneer DJS-1000 performance sampler is an incredible tool you should definitely check out!