Allen & Heath Xone:23 - High Quality, Low Budget!
The Allen & Heath Xone:23 is the flagship 'alternative' two-channel DJ mixer. Arguably, it should be your first choice when seeking out a two-channel solution. Its sound quality is superb, build quality is top-notch and it does not mess around. Both channels have two inputs, hence why it is referred to as a '2+2' channel mixer. This means that whilst there are only two 'physical' channels on the face of the mixer, there can be four active input sources on the go. The technology within this mixer is the same level as in the higher tier mixers such as the Xone:96. To try one out for yourself, visit us in our Birmingham showroom where we keep a unit on active demonstration. To order one for yourself, head over to our website! xone:23 allen heath two channel mixer dj djtechdirect birmingham

Allen & Heath Xone:23 - High Quality, Low Budget!

Allen & Heath haven't distracted from the sound quality by adding digital FX to this mixer. Instead, they integrate their well-renowned filter technology. Their voltage control filter (VCF) system give you the ability to attenuate frequency levels. Included parameters are a low-pass filter, high-pass filter, frequency sweep and resonance control. If you really want additional effects, such as beat fx, they have included an FX loop so you can hook up external FX units.

2+2 Channels

You can route four channels simultaneously to the mix with the Xone:23, as both channels have two inputs. This gives you a lot more flexibility in a live environment. To control the levels of these sources, there are dedicated knobs at the top of the mixer. allen heath xone:23 two channel mixer top front djtechdirect birmingham

Inputs and Outputs

The back of the unit is cleverly designed so that you get everything you need from this two-channel mixer. Both channels have two inputs, phono and line-level RCA. Because of this, you can use either turntables or digital sources. The FX loop is in the centre, in the form of RCA inputs and outputs. This means you can route an FX unit in line with your mix. The 'main' output is via balanced XLR, with the mic input also sharing XLR connections. The monitor output has its own volume control for 'booth' facilities and is accessed via the RCA output on the rear of the unit. The signal output is clearly visible on the face of the mixer with the nine light-meters, so you can see when you are pushing the system! allen and heath xone:23 two channel mixer back rear inputs outputs

Well Built

The controls on this mixer feel great. The knobs are heavy but not stiff, so they do not feel cheap and plastic-like. The buttons are backlit to signal which parameters are active and which are not. The steel face of the mixer is incredibly distinctive and again gives you that high quality, professional feel. For the scratch DJ's amongst you, the fader is upgradeable. The Innofader is compatible with this mixer, which you can get hold of separately. allen heath xone 23 two channel mixer djtechdirect birmingham


For those seeking a digital soundcard on their mixer, Allen & Heath offer a version of this mixer with this as a bonus element. It is named the Xone:23C. For a bit of extra cash, this mixer is transformed into the interface for your preferred DJ software. Also, onboard this upgraded model is the X: link feature. Connect a Xone: K controller via the ethernet port for even more flexibility with your software. allen heath xone:23c soundcard two channel mixer djtechdirect birmingham

Two-Channel Perfection

Overall, this is the mixer to go for if you want high-quality audio and reliable technology. To order, head over to our website where you can find competitive deals and even more information! If you haven't visited us in our Birmingham showroom, feel free to drop by and say hello or try any products that we have out on demo!