Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol A61 - Get Hands-On
The Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol A61 is the largest midi keyboard in the range. The'61' refers to the number of keys, with its smaller counterparts having 25 or 49 semi-weighted keys. This was never going to just be a keyboard, though. Native Instruments are renowned for their fantastic software as well as their great hardware. Rightly so, they include an abundance of this software with the A61. The included software comprises of Komplete Kontrol, a handful of Komplete Instruments and Effects, Maschine Essentials and even Ableton 10 Lite! To get your order in for any of the Native Instruments keyboards, head over to our website! native instruments a61 midi keyboard komplete kontrol djtechdirect birmingham

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol A61 - Get Hands-On

This keyboard works very intuitively with NI plugins. The pre-mapped control allows for sounds to be customised as you get creative. Let's start from the left of the keyboard and work our way across.
Pitch and Mod Wheels
In terms of modulation, this keyboard allows for the manipulation of pitch and 'modulation' in real-time. Pitch bends can be added on the fly and with ease.
DAW Control
The A61 gives you the ability to control aspects of your DAW at the touch of a button. You can play/pause, record, set tempo, adjust levels, quantize notes and undo/redo with dedicated rubber buttons.
OLED at a Glance
Sometimes you need to see what you are doing with a bit of visual aid. Everything you need is displayed on the small OLED screen. This includes sound browsing, parameters being used and even more, all in real-time.
USB Power
Despite its size, this keyboard only needs your USB port on your laptop for power. No need for mains. This enhances the portability of the unit so you can get creative no matter where you are!
There are eight knobs at the top of the unit, all of which are sensitive to the touch. Your Komplete plugins work beautifully with these as they were designed to do so.
Quick Navigation
For quick searching and selection, the push encoder on the right of the keyboard allows you to journey through all manner of options!

native instruments a61 midi keyboard komplete kontrol djtechdirect birmingham top front keysIncluded Software

Machine Essentials
This is the first bit of software included with the product. Maschine Studio is first and foremost a music production software. Perfect for making loops and beats, you can also use a range of synths and effects to create whole tracks. native instruments maschine studio software
For those analogue sounding basses and leads, the Monark synth has you covered. Modelled after the infamous Moog synths, this mono beast is essential in any producers arsenal. native instruments monark reaktor synth analogue moog
The Gentleman
Sampled from an upright piano from 1908, the Gentleman is an expressive instrument that gives you the closest thing to a real vintage upright. You can even choose what room it is in for the best acoustic performance. native instruments the gentleman upright vintage piano instrument
Reaktor Prism
Sometimes, you just need a synth that allows you to get creative, but also has great presets and sound design. This synth is just that. A no-nonsense approach to software synthesis that will provide a foundation for an abundance of your electronic sounds. native instruments reaktor prism synth software vst plugin
Scarbee Mark 1
Another essential sound to have in your toolkit, the electric piano. For jazzy Rhodes and smooth keys, this synth provides a perfect foundation for your tracks. native instruments scarbee mark 1 vst electric piano synth rhodes To get your order in for an A61 and get all of these amazing bonuses, head over to our website If you have any questions, why not give us a call on 0121 224 7650