Alto Transport 12: Perfect for outdoor performances
Alto Transport 12 is a battery operated, portable PA speaker that answers your on-the-go needs. We’ve all been there. You are at an outdoor performance, you need to crank out the tunes but you don’t have access to the mains or your cable is not long enough. This is where the Transport 12 steps in. The Transport 12 is an AC battery operated sound system that is compact and super easy to transport. It is a fantastic sound solution for when you need to deliver high-fidelity sound but that elusive mains socket eludes you. We really like this model thanks to its versatility and flexibility. Let’s take a closer look at the Transport 12 offers. alto-transport-12

Rechargeable Battery

Let’s talk about the battery as it is this feature that defines the Transport 12. Without it, this model is another standard PA speaker. The rechargeable lithium ion battery offers 8 hours of power. Alongside this, the battery provides an AC cable-free power supply to the model’s internal 400 watt class D digital amplifier. Its battery operation really is a stress-busting solution as it takes the need out of hunting down a mains or compromising your positioning so that you are close enough to a plug socket.

Powerful Amplification

The amplifier empowers a high-output, 12 inch, 2 way speaker system, so you can be assured high-quality and powerful sound wherever you choose to play the unit. A really great feature of the Transport 12 is the inclusion of a 100-channel UHF wireless microphone that has an operating capacity of up to 250 feet. This opens up the versatility of the model, as it can be used for voice performances as well as delivering exceptional hi-fi sound. alto-transport-12-rear

Added Media Player

If that was not enough, the Transport 12 also includes a media player. The media player enjoys USB connectivity so you can playback your own personalised playlist.

Great Connectivity

The Transport 12 can be connected up to the other models in a ‘daisy chain’ effect thanks to its ¼ inch output. This is a handy feature as it means that you can cover bigger spaces with great sound quality as and when you need it. Like many other aspects of the Transport 12, this capability encapsulates the versatility and convenience of this design.

Versatile, Portable, Flexible

The Alto Transport 12 is a great all-in-one solution for on-the-go performances, especially for outdoor shows. This probably won’t be your one PA speaker but it is super useful to have for when you are travelling and don’t have access to the mains. The wireless microphone and media player are fantastic additions that enhance the versatility of this model. For touring DJs or those who need great sound on the go, there is always a need for high-fidelity, high-output sound. For when there is no access to AC mains power, this model really comes into its own. Thanks to its flexibility and adaptability, the Transport 12 is a model that we recommend for your outdoor performance needs.