M-Audio M3-8: Fantastic three way active studio monitor
M-Audio M3-8 is a three way active studio monitor that truly exceeds its price point. If you are looking to invest in a high-calibre three-way monitor speaker that won’t break the bank, read on, as the M3-8 might be just what you’re looking for. The M3-8 has a great volume quality. To put it simply, it plays loud. Its five inch mid-range driver translates more sound, shifts more air and as result offers bigger, more expansive sound, which is exactly what you want from a studio speaker. M-AUDIO-m8-3

Three Way System

Its three-way system also means that the tweeter does not have to struggle to stretch down to the mid-range frequencies as they are forced to do in two-way systems. As a result the model can handle greater amounts of power and offers a more reliable performance.

Consistent Sound Dispersion

The M3-8 offers a brilliantly wide and consistent sound dispersion. As you will know, this is super-important in a studio monitor as you depend on a wide and consistent sound coverage so that you can listen to your mixes with greater clarity and detail. M-AUDIO-m8-3-detail After all, you want your mix to sound as perfect as can be. This is also helpful for if you are standing slightly off axis of the speaker.

Compact and Powerful

A feature that we really love about the M3-8 is its great space-saving qualities. It packs the power and punch of a three-way system with the compact cabinet size of a two-way monitor.

Great Layout

The mid-range and treble arrives at your ears at exactly the same time. In an intuitive piece of design, the tweeter and mid-range are mounted in line with each other. This means that that the sound of the two driver seamlessly fits together without the infamous time and arrival delay offered by more conventionally spaced drive units, so you can enjoy more detailed and clear sound performance. M-AUDIO-m8-3-even-more-detail If you are looking for a studio monitor that really allows you to engage with your mixes for accurate adjustments, then the mounted drivers really come into their own here.

Sleek Cabinet

Taking a look at the cabinet, its real wood veneered appearance offers a sophisticated aesthetic that is not often found in studio monitors. Not only does it look great, but it also enhances the performance of the speakers as the chamfered detailing on the top edge aids the dispersion and reduces edge diffraction which is the enemy of sound quality. M-AUDIO-m8-3-more-detail The interior of the cabinet is also internally braced which ensures that the drivers have a vibration-free platform on which to showcase their sound. The cutting-edge research undertaken by M-Audio comes to the fore here, as the bass response is particularly impressive thanks to M-Audio’s computer calculations to establish the best possible port characteristics. M-AUDIO-m8-3-side-angle

Triple the Amps

220 watts of Class AB amplification powers the M3-8 with enough headroom to support the loudest of mixes. Three individual internal amplifiers power three separate speaker elements. This is an example of the attention to detail that has gone into these speakers as each amplifier is specifically tailored to the driver it is matched with. This offers a seamless performance that is hard to replicate with exterior amplifiers. M-AUDIO-m8-3-single The M-Audio M3-8 is without a doubt a thoughtfully designed monitor speaker that sets itself apart from its competitors. If you want your mix to reach its full potential, it is crucial to invest in a good quality monitor speaker. With the M3-8 you can really lose yourself in your mix, pick up the intricacies of sound and adjust accordingly to create your ideal mix.