Alto Truesonic TS212W: Upgraded and powered up
Alto Truesonic TS212W combines industrial ruggedness with slick Bluetooth connectivity. Sitting firmly in the TS2 range, the model shares the utility and performance of its sister models but with the added enhancement of Bluetooth connectivity.

Part of the TS2 family

The Truesonic TS212W redesigns the original and very popular TS112W speaker from scratch. The biggest departure from its predecessor lies in in its massively increased amplifier. This upgrade makes the model well suited to really fill demandingly large venues thanks to its amplification power of 550 watts continuous and 1100 watts peak. This increased amplification can be seen across the TS2 line which is a significant increase on earlier Truesonic models. With this increase amplification power, you can be sure that the speaker will not run out of juice during a particularly intense performance. What’s more, the new and updated power capability ensures a sound with increased clarity, free from the muddy distortion that can sometimes afflict powerful units. alto-ts212-main


Let’s delve deeper into the Bluetooth connectivity offered by this model, as it is, after all, the winning feature of this active PA speaker. Two speakers can be connected in a classic master and slave configuration. This means that you only have to connect your sound input into one speaker but then thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity, you receive stereo output from the pair. This is a really convenient feature as it massively cuts down on the amount of pesky cabling you need, which unclutters your set up. Your set up time is also reduced, giving you more time to get on with what really matters: getting the sound out into the crowd. alto-ts212w


We really love the industrial-inspired design of the Truesonic TS212W. It gives the model a rugged, utilitarian look that matches its powerful, driving sound performance. Both the TS212W and its sister design, the TS215W, both showcase five fully integrated, unobtrusive handles. This makes both models super-easy to pick up in both horizontal and vertical positions. The cabinet is also deceptively lightweight while also being durable and tough, so it will withstand the pressures of public announcement life, while also being effortlessly portable. Not only does the cabinet look sleek and sophisticated, it also possesses acoustic friendly properties, as you would expect from a powerful and high-calibre speaker, so you can be assured that this model combines an understated aesthetic with considered attention to detail. Also look out for high-performance and professional-standard M10 rigging and suspension points for added isolation properties and sound enhancements. alto-ts212w-rear

Clean and Smooth Operation

The TS212W operates at a much a lower temperature than conventional, lesser designed speakers. This is the case even at periods of intense, high-output which is what these speakers are designed to achieve by being public announcement models. This speaker exemplifies how Alto has redesigned the TS2’s from the ground-up to feature heat-dissipation properties which get rid of the need for obtrusive, expensive cooling fans. Consequently, you can enjoy a speaker that is much more efficient to run and works at an optimum level with minimum fuss and heat. We love a reliable speaker. The Truesonic TS212W marks a real step up from the original TS model, with its lightweight yet durable cabinet, added portability and massively increased amplification power. Each of these is reasons enough to consider this model further, but the real winning factor of the TS212W has to be its wireless connectivity. Free yourself from the tyranny of cables with this brilliantly convenient wireless public announcement speaker.