American DJ Boom Box: Dazzlingly convenient
American DJ Boom Box is comprised of the FX1 and FX2 models and define the brand’s Startec Series, a range which is brilliantly accessible, empowering anyone to pick up the kit and create dazzling light displays. american-dj-example The Startec Series is specially designed to be an affordable option for mobile DJs and lighting installers and is optimised to cut down on setup and installation times. Both models are feature rich while being simultaneously utilitarian and convenient. Let’s take a look at both the FX1 and FX2 to see what they have to offer.

Seamless Installation

Both the Boom Box FX1 and FX2 come kitted out with a fully flexible hanging bracket that allows the unit to be mounted on a variety of structures such as a goal post or truss or you can attach it directly to a tripod stand, whatever works best for you. american-dj-example-2

Exuberant Light Displays

So what about the main thing anyone looks for in a light system, namely, the light effects themselves? For its entry level price point, the Boom Box FX2 offers an array of exuberantly fun effects. The FX2 showcases a classic derby effect, a fantastic Galaxian-esque red and green cluster laser and a dramatic GOBO moonflower effect. This mixture of effects is great for newcomers to the lighting scene who want to enhance an event by painting the walls with colour and illuminate the dance floor with light.

Boom Box FX1

The integral part of this model’s lighting display is its party dome moonflower effect. This feature showcases an array of beams from 6 x 3 LEDS that are red, green, blue and white. american-dj-fx-1 The light beams sway, swish and spin to create an enthralling performance. For a taster of the Boom FX1 in action, check out the video below:

Boom Box FX2

The Boom Box FX2 packs a lot in to a compact structure. It offers 9 built-in light shows and 63 preset colour combinations which offer you hours of fun and countless light combinations. american-dj-fx-2 The model is driven by 8 x 3W LEDs: two red, two green, two blue and two white. The light from each LED is powered through intricately patterned GOBO designs which dramatically spin and sweep. This feature is particularly ideal for those who want to really illuminate the dance floor and amp up the night. american-dj-example-3 The fact that these lighting options are placed in a single unit reduces the amount of cables and power rig needed for both permanent installations and mobile lightshows. This minimises the set up and installation time required, while also reducing the amount of transportation and storage needed for a mobile show. Check out the video below to see first-hand the incredible features offered by the Boom Box FX2.

How do these dazzling effects work?

A Perspex dome juts out from the model and offers an array of faces that each projects a beam of light in a myriad of directions and angles. The faces are arranged in circles which results in the projected beams being grouped into striking concentric collections which are then spun around by the moving LEDs in the unit. The LEDS are slightly offset within the model so each one creates a separate beam through each face of the dome. As a result you can create an even more impressive light display to enhance any event. american-dj-example-4 If you are new to the lighting world, the Startec Series from American DJ is a great way to start. Whether you utilise each model separately or tether them together for an even more extravagant show, the FX1 and FX2 are effortlessly convenient and easy to install. Happy lighting!!