There are rarely products that cross into two completely different markets however Audio Technica have managed to just to just do that. Not only with the ATLP140XP but the ATLP120 before it. So what makes this turntable so universally loved by DJ's and HiFi fans alike?

A Very....Very familiar look

When you look at the Audio Technica turntables you would be forgiven for having to do a double take. Yes they do look eerily similar to the infamous Technics SL1200 turntables and there is a reason for this. Much of the Audio Technica turntables are put together in the same factories as the 1210's. when the MK2's were discontinued all those years ago many of the guys who worked on the original 1200's went over to work for Audio Technica. So don't let the difference in price fool you. The ATLP140XP comes equipped with some high quality components. atlp140

Designed for DJ's

The ATLP140 is a direct drive turntable with a heavy dampened platter for minimal vibration on the record. The unit itself has a nice weight to it too. The ATLP140 has a higher torque than its predecessor too which gives it more of a similar feel to the original Technics also. You get all the standard features you would expect when you know what it is based on. This means 3 different speeds, 33, 45 and 78 RPM, a reverse button along with pitch faders, a pop up stylus target light to help cue in darker environments.

The DJ Cartridge

The ATLP140XP comes fitted with an upgraded Audio Technica cartridge, the AT-XP3 The cartridge itself has a conical design specifically designed for DJ's. When balanced at 3g, the cartridge brings out depth in the bass and punch. The mids and highs sound detailed, if not a little overly clinical. You can ofcourse upgrade the cartridge to something of your liking if you don't like the more forward presentation of the AT-XP3. atlp140

Sounds like HiFi?

The ATLP140 has always been in the audiophile discussion because it does produce a great sound. Audio Technica have put thought into this turntable. They have cleverly understood many of the things required to make a good DJ turntable also help to make a good turntable for home listening. The high quality phono output is not burdened with a USB connection like the ATLP120. This means there is far less in terms of interference and noise on the signal. The power cable can be upgraded for even higher sonic fidelity. The ATLP140 doesn't break the bank so you can't go comparing it to a Linn Lp12 however at its price point it really does hold its own, and in most cases i would say its hard to beat in terms of audio quality.


On the back you get an RCA connection and grounding screw. You get a detachable RCA cable in the box which obviously can be upgraded if you choose. As stated earlier, you don't get a USB connection which is not necessarily a negative if audio quality matters. The lack of a USB input means less noise on the circuit and so a much cleaner signal. atlp140


Rarely do you find a product that is liked by two completely different audiences. The ATLP140 is designed with DJ's in mind but Audio Technica have a soft spot for the casual listener. The build quality means when in a club environment, the heavy dampening below the platter and the weight of the unit makes it ideal for a club. The turntable won't be as affected by unwanted vibration from heavy bass. The Audio Technica ATLP140XP is available to order online now along with the entire range of Audio Technica turntables.