Pioneer XDJ-700 : Pro-level Features for Less!
The Pioneer XDJ-700 is the most accessible 'professional level' DJ media player on the market. With a wide touch screen, classic CDJ design and high-level Pioneer technology, this player brings the superclub to your bedroom. Previous entries at this level have sacrificed features that make for an obviously 'casual' product. Dot-matrix displays and basic controls can get fatiguing after some usage. Pioneer DJ combat this by only omitting the top tier features, and keeping the colour display and updated interface. This way you can prepare for club sets properly and have a set of proper Pioneer decks to boot! To get your hands on these modern classics, head over to our website here! pioneer xdj 700 vs mk2 pair review used djtechdirect birmingham xdj-700

XDJ-700 - Pro Interface

The sizeable touch screen included with this model is a great asset versus what you get from other offerings. Because of this, the professional feel that comes with it is instantly noticeable. It is seven inches in size and has a full-colour display. The interface (GUI) is the same as the bigger XDJ-1000MK2. As a result, your playlists are simple to browse and the dynamic waveform illustrates the music for easy cueing. You can also browse using the touch QWERTY keyboard and access all settings and info from the main screen. pioneer xdj 700 vs mk2 pair review used djtechdirect birmingham xdj-700

At your Fingertips

The ability to physically touch the interface on this player extends the limits of what the 700 offers. As well as the search functionality, you can also load up hot cues and loops! This allows you to put into practice the customised aspects of your collection that you prepared beforehand. What's more, the waveform is still visible so you can keep an eye on the track, ensuring no last-minute panics! pioneer xdj 700 vs mk2 pair review used djtechdirect birmingham xdj-700

Slip Mode

This feature is a very useful tool for creative DJs out there. It is essentially a memory tool that remembers where the track would be playing in real-time. This means that you can scratch and loop to your heart's content, and when you are finished the track returns to where it would have been as if nothing happened. The reason for this is so that timing is kept consistent. It is perfect for adding your own spin on tracks and for build-ups and breakdowns. Check out our tutorial in the video below!

Best Bang for your Buck

For £599.00 each, these are Pioneers cheapest ever colour display media players. If you need something for at home or on the road and are used to the NXS2 level of interface, then these are for you. Paired with a DJM-250 or DJM-450, you get a club level DJ setup for less than the cost of a standard CDJ! If you like the idea of these but full-sized jog wheels are a necessity, then it is worth considering the XDJ-1000MK2. This is essentially a 700 with bigger jogs! This comes in at a modest £1,129.00 and can even play lossless audio files (FLAC etc).  pioneer xdj 700 vs mk2 pair review used djtechdirect birmingham xdj-700To get your hands on a pair of these, head over to our website here where you can order for free UK delivery! Also, for a limited time use code SAVE25 if it is your first order and get £25 off!