BPM Show 2019

BPM 2019 - Still The Show For DJ's In The UK

In the UK DJ scene BPM is the show for DJ’s to go and meet the brands that they use on a daily basis (whatever their level), from someone right at the start, to hardened professional resident DJ's working multiple nights per week. On that basis, for two days a year the DJ world comes to a small part of Birmingham. We share our wares, talk DJing and showcase the latest and greatest technology on the market today. David from DJ Tech Direct went along to see what is happening in the DJ world today! From arriving at the venue, you get a goody bag and a lanyard . The lanyard has a pass on it to denote you as either a day visitor, weekend visitor or VIP. The pass means that you are identifiable by those exhibiting at BPM. You then proceed into the venue and are greeted with a wall of sound, light and fog. The smoke machines are on pretty much constantly alongside everyone trying to communicate with each other! As you walk in, the first stand that greets you is the folks from CD Pool. CD Pool are a 'music pool' company based in Putney. For 25 years, CD Pool have been providing DJs with the latest and greatest music. The thing about this company is that they are tight knit business, with Rob & Tim always there on the end of the phone for you if you have any issues.

Pioneer DJ - Still leading the way?

Pioneer DJ @ BPM The two main brands that dominate BPM's landscape are Pioneer DJ & Audio Technica (who are also there with Allen & Heath as well as playDifferently) and as such their stands are huge, with experts such as Sam (who was at our Pioneer event in store recently), Sami, Will and Martin whom were all on hand to assist you in trying out the whole range, starting from the DDJ-200 and finishing up on the CDJ-2000NXS2 with also the brand new DDJ-XP2 unit out on demo for you to try and even place an order with the local dealer. For those interested to read all about the brand new DDJ-XP2 head over to our blog on it here. As well as the controllers and CDJ setups, there was a DJM-S9 and DVS setup so the traditionalist turntable DJs are kept happy.

Allen & Heath x Audio Technica

Allen & Heath’s stand was dominated by the force of nature that is the Xone:96 mixer, that is simply stunning and as smooth to use as any other mixer on the market, with several additions like the filters that set it apart from the competition today. Joe, the tech expert showed us the AT-LP140XP range of turntables. These, when connected up to the 96 sound seriously sweet even when in DVS mode. Allen & Heath also had the legendary playDifferently Model 1 on demo and even after spending time with our store unit, it is still an experience unlike any other. Yes, the two brands dominated the show with their stands, but there were other stands at the event. Companies such as Magma, UDG, Chauvet DJ (for those who want lighting). Also there were brands such as Neo and Gorilla for luggage and cable options.

Keeping Your Ears In Check

ACS custom’s Jono took impressions for a set of custom in ear hearing protectors. As DJs, you should seriously invest in these. Even at £139 for the PRO17 model, they are simply an investment in your health. If you're gigging at least once a week in a loud venue, ear protection is just an absolute MUST.

Promo & PA

There were other promo companies at the event, such as Promo Only. They offer music promo services as well as videos delivered to your laptop/computer for a small fee per month. They are perfect for DJs who also use video in their sets. If PA is your thing, then there were stands from Peavey, Pioneer Pro Audio, FBT and Yamaha. You could indulge your inner PA nerd as well as your monitor head. You could pick up a set of HS8 studio monitors from the show and be on your road to producing that new track or mastering your mix in no time at all. All in all, the event to all knowledge was a massive success and will be back in 2020 at the same venue (tickets already on sale at the time of writing) and is a must for a DJ who wants to get the lowdown on the latest and greatest technology in the DJ world today. To see more of the items demoed at the event head over to our online store now or come and visit our Birmingham showroom!