Review your DJ Gear - for all the World to Hear!

If you've purchased some DJ or Production equipment from us in the past, got it home and loved it so much that you want to share your appreciation (or dissapointment) with the world, then we have a great platform for you to do so! Our website gives you the ability to leave your own review on any of our products. The reviews on our website are visible to anyone who visits the page, not just us. It's the perfect method for giving your opinion on a product, so you aren't just taking our word for it! Want to know how to leave your review? Our simple guide gives you a step-by-step walkthrough of the quickest way to get your review on our website, visited by hundreds of people daily!

First of all, navigate to our website -

djtechdirect dj store online review

Next up, find the product you want to leave a review on...

djtechdirect dj store online review ddj-sr2 pioneer Or find your product in the 'categories section'... djtechdirect dj store online review ddj-sr2 pioneer categories

Now that you have found the product, scroll down to the large window and choose the 'reviews' tab...

djtechdirect review pioneer ddj0sr2

Below this, you will see some boxes that allow you to start writing your opinions...

djtechdirect review how to leave

Fill in all the boxes. Use your real name or alias, whatever you want! Then click 'submit review'...

djtechdirect how to leave review

Once your review is approved by our web manager (to make sure we don't get anything too nasty!) then it will contribute to the rating on the product page!

djtechdirect review pioneer rmx-1000

Best of all, your personal review will be visible on the product page!

That's it!

Your opinion really matters to us, as it helps us gather how our customers honestly feel about certain products. If you're loving it, great! If not, then we want to know why so we can make sure you are happy as an end result. By posting on our website, it means you help others make their choice when they may not be able to try the product out beforehand. The DJ and Production community is full of people experimenting and trying new things, so to hear feedback directly from you guys is the best way for others to find the perfect unit! For all of our available products, from Pioneer DJ, Denon DJ, RANE, Numark and more, head over to our website or visit our Birmingham showroom!