Cerwin Vega INT-152 V2 Speaker Passive: Intense And Durable
Cerwin Vega INT-152 V2 Speaker Passive is the latest incarnation of the brand’s respected ‘Intense’ line of loudspeakers. Ideal for the mobile DJ, the versatility of the model’s design means that it is a great companion for performances in a whole host of venues, from bars and clubs to schools and places of worship. So, what does the ‘INT’ in the model stand for? You may remember Cerwin Vega’s earlier ‘Intense’ series of loudspeakers. The range gained a reputation for producing a robust, punchy sound performance at an affordable price. The INT-152 follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, and is the second generation in this illustrious series. Cerwin-Vega-INT-152-V2-Speaker-Passive-1

Model Details

Cerwin Vega claims that the speaker allows you to play for longer and louder. Let’s take a quick look at the specifics of the model to see if this holds true. The INT-152 V2 showcases one 15-inch woofer alongside a 2.5-inch high temperature voice coil. You can utilise the model as a solo sound solution thanks to its frequency response of 64 -19.8 kHz..

Intense Family History

The earlier ‘Intense’ series was famed for its impactful sound and versatility. It is safe to say that the INT-152 V2 does not let its predecessors down, indeed it retains the earlier strengths and builds upon them. For this new generation of speakers, Cerwin Vega has enhanced the model’s sound quality and improved the speaker’s design components. This has been achieved, impressively, by retaining a low, accessible price point.

What’s New?

Let’s take a closer look at what is new from the INT-152 V2. Firstly, the model has much stronger, more robust drivers. This has been achieved by significantly reinforcing and strengthening the structural integrity of the speaker by adding steel. This design feature has a noticeable impact on the sound quality produced by the speaker. Cerwin-Vega-INT-152-V2-Speaker-Passive-2 You will immediately notice that your sound has much more substantial, dense quality to it, without losing the detailed soundscape that you require. This hefty driver and design makes the INT-152 V2 ideal for applications in a variety of mobile uses, from gigs to parties, as you can be assured that your driver will not let you down.

Superbly Durable

There is no doubting that the INT-152 V2 is super durable. This is exactly what any mobile DJ or performer needs from their kit. After all, there is no point shelling out your hard-earned cash on a new pair of speakers, only for them not to be able to withstand the rigours of touring life. You will not be disappointed by the durable design of these speakers. In an upgrade from the earlier series, the construction of the cabinet of the V2 has been internally braced. As a result, you can be secure in the knowledge that you speakers are safely durable. Cerwin-Vega-INT-152-V2-Speaker-Passive-3

Enhanced Sound

The new generation of ‘Intense’ speakers offer a much better performance than its predecessor. This enhancement is thanks to the addition of larger magnets featured on the compression drivers. Attention to detail such as this works to truly elevate the performance of the model and offers a noticeable improvement on the earlier range. After all, constant improvement is what every designer is looking for.

Dependable Performance

You can be assured of a dependable performance from the INT-152 V2. The thermistor in the model is a ‘positive temperature coefficient’ model. This design feature is a great addition to the model that acts to protect the tweeter. Cerwin-Vega-INT-152-V2-Speaker-Passive-4 This feature repairs itself as a fuse, so the speaker returns to its usual operation after any fault has been sorted. Dependable and hard-working, two features that you need from a mobile loudspeaker.

Worth It?

If you are looking for a sturdy, reliable loudspeaker that will seamlessly adapt to your performance environments, then it is definitely worth considering the INT-152 V2. You can indeed enjoy longer and louder performances with this model.