Mixars Duo 2-Channel Mixer for Serato DJ: Plug in and play
Mixars Duo 2-Channel Mixer for Serato DJ is an exciting model that is ideal for scratch DJs who would like to be able to take the model straight out of the box and start playing. The Mixars Duo is a great option for the DJ who desires to utilise and take advantage of the Serato DVS system without the need of a cumbersome external box. Let’s take a closer look at this dynamic model.

The Basics

So, what exactly is the Mixars Duo? To put it plainly, the model is a two channel plug and play design that is designed to be a battle mixer, making it the ideal companion for scratch DJs. The mixer has been specially designed to be utilised with Serato DJ and showcases an in-built Mini-Innofader. In terms of its user-friendly features, the Mixars Duo offers eight red/green/blue backlit pads to be used for sampler control and cue points. Mixars-Duo-2-Channel-Mixer-for-Serato-DJ-1 Alongside this, the model also showcases an integrated USB hub socket that that offers the user two added USB connections. This is an easy and useful way to integrate the model to other devices. The Mixars Duo is very helpfully enabled with Serato DJ and DVS and it also easily supports the use of Serato Noisemap Control Vinyl and CDs, all without the need for an added license purchase. The model showcases all of the inputs and outputs that you need. Look out for the phono/line inputs, mic input, XLR output, booth output and USB 2.0 hub. These features are joined by an integrated 24-bit/48kHz soundcard. Does this sound promising? Let’s take a closer look at these great features in more detail.

User Friendly Layout

The aesthetic of the Mixars Duo is sleek and minimalist, so you can be assured of an uncluttered layout. This is especially helpful for newcomers to mixing as the model is easy to navigate. The model is crafted entirely from metal which gives it a sturdy and robust structure. Coupled with its immaculate lines and clean shape, the Mixars Duo cuts a striking figure. Mixars-Duo-2-Channel-Mixer-for-Serato-DJ-2 The two sets of RGB pads are arranged in a vertical configuration which gives the model an organised appearance. Do not be fooled by the simplicity of the model’s design. It may look simple but this model still offers high-calibre features and functionality.

Optimum Features

Let’s take a closer look at the channels and what they can do. Each channel has an analogue filter, line volume, three-band EQ, backlit headphones cue button, and an input switch that can is phono/line, line or Serato. Taking a closer look at the model’s Serato controls, the model offers a loop roll with a loop control encoder with a simple press of the shift button, alongside FX control from one knob. The four RGB pads are simple to switch between sample and cue functions thanks to the easy-to-use toggle switch in the centre of the model. Mixars-Duo-2-Channel-Mixer-for-Serato-DJ-3 You can also explore the Serato library select zone which offers easy navigation between folders, alongside an encoder and sync buttons. As you would expect from a mixer, the model showcases a headphones volume and cue mix knobs, master and booth output controls alongside a sample volume knob.

Accessible and High-Performing

For its accessible price tag, the Mixars Duo is a genuine plug and play model and has been designed with the needs of the scratch DJ at its heart. This is a simple and easy-to-use mixer for scratch DJs or anyone who would the pros of the Serato DVS without the hefty price point. What’s more, its simple yet effective layout makes it a pleasure to play, for old-timers and newcomers alike.