Denon DJ SC5000: A New Industry Player

Industry Game-Changer: Denon's DJ SC5000

Denon has something to say and it comes in the form of the DJ SC5000. Its high-definition display complete with multi-touch gestures, tactile track navigation, on board track analysis and multi-deck layering function - turning one deck into two - is certainly breaking the mould. A rugged 8-inch jog imbued with a central display, able to show current track playing or custom artwork, brings yet further personality to the deck. And this is just scratching the surface.

Engineering & Performance Innovations

The SC5000 runs ‘Engine Prime', the latest version of Denon DJ’s music library - built directly into the unit! With direct access and convenient performance features, the SC5000 works both with you and gets firmly out the way. Have complete creative control with hot-cues, loops, slices, roll playback and a tonne of other FX features. Tethered with the decks touch pads, using these features feels intuitive and responsive.

Full Customisation

The SC5000 never forgets: once a USB drive or SD card is inserted any previously entered DJ preferences are instantaneously brought fourth to the user. This includes any previously performed track cue points, loop regions, playback history, preparation folders and any live, on-the-fly, track analysis. Embrace full visual customisation too! Choose an array of primary colours for the SC5000 jog-wheel LED's in addition to using your own DJ brand logo or selected artwork on the tidy central display.


The SC5000’s unique dual-deck playback facility makes the unit literally 'two decks in one'. Each layer has its own dedicated outputs too, bringing untold possibilities to your sonic ideas and mix control. The audio outputs are 24-bit/96kHz for audiophile sound quality. As well as the usual file formats, the deck is also capable of playing uncompressed audio like FLAC, ALAC and WAV. The most innovative media player on the market: SC5000 brings passion, creativity and absolute performance transparency with a swathe of cutting edge future tech.