The X1800 Mixer - Denon's New Flagship

X1800 - Familiar Yet Innovative

The X1800 is the centrepiece of Denon's ‘Prime Series’; a 4-Channel performance mixer that's familiar yet completely innovative. Dedicated Sweep and BPM FX controls deliver multi-themed effects for each channel - the essential toolbox to craft your unique sound. Mix with versatility through the X1800’s choice of Classic or Isolation styles, then ramp up the sonic creativity with frequency-controlled, band-Isolation too. Couple with the other latest Denon products on the market to get ahead of the technological curve.

Full Creative Expression

The X1800 Prime’s crisp, OLED screen is your window into even more creative expression within your DJ sets. Personalise your workflow, access 12 additional, high-quality Denon DJ effects, then fire in the unique, quick-to-set Effects Quantization Touch Strip, engaging elegant rhythm-based adjustments to shape your sound. Accurate EQs and FX allow you to colour your mixes like never before; the unique touch-strip time divider a welcome addition that feels hands-on yet natural.

Mix Your Way

The X1800 Prime’s phono/line switchable channels make for simple transitions, send and return options are also available. Furthermore, digital inputs at the rear allow for DVS capability and other USB driven functionality. Two mic inputs and audio monitoring of cue/split/master mix, with either 1/4” or 1/8” headphone jack, adds even more flexibility. Legendary Denon DJ 24bit/96kHz sound quality is of course part of the package too.

Embrace the Future

Couple Denon DJ’s SC5000 via LAN ‘Engine Connect’ protocol to align your tempo-based FX with even more accuracy and on-the-fly performance expression. Bring your choice of laptop based DJ software into the mix while opening the door for quick and easy DJ changeovers. It also features a MIDI out port for your drum machines, instruments and effects boxes as well. Embrace the cutting edge combo of the SC5000 media players and X1800 Prime mixer - a tech revolution, and revelation.