Denon MC 7000 Serato DJ Controller
MC7000 is a 4-channel Serato DJ capable professional DJ controller with dual USB connections. This effectively means two DJs can play together b2b (on their preferred DJ software with separate laptops) in a seamless, uninterrupted manner. Denon DJ’s build quality has always been top of the game. Add in 24-bit audio reproduction giving you a quality controller that both mobile and club DJs who want to upgrade their Serato DJ controller should consider. A full version of Serato DJ comes with the MC7000 as well as 3 creative expansion packs: Pitch ‘n Time, Flip and Video. These expansions are really nice and allow you to delve into visuals, fx and even remixing. MC7000


The dual 6-inch platters have a touch-capacitive design with rotational LED displays, that give you really nice feedback when manipulating your tracks. A new feature of the unit is its Key Matching and Changing controls. These offer the ability harmonically match musical keys on the fly. A lot of DJ's will be new to this as they may match on by tempo. However mixing harmonically can really enhance a performance taking a crowd on a long, continuous journey rather than series of short stop and start moments. The MC7000 is Serato DVS-compatible. DJ's can use the mixing elements of the MC700 with the control benefits of Vinyl. The Mc7000 also has line/phono inputs so you can input your turntables, CDJ's or instruments at will.


Serato Pitch ‘n Time

Serato’s Pitch 'n Time (P’NT) expansion plug-in utilises what Denon DJ describes as 'Pitch Play’ techniques. After selecting a cue point you can ‘play’ it up ‘n' down in musical key, giving you the kind of creative sound effect you so often hear from the likes of DJ EZ. You can also use the MC7000’s ‘single press’ encoder to match the key signatures of your tracks in real time to mix in harmony, something that is lacking in many modern DJ sets.

Serato Flip

Serato Flip expansion pack is an expansion that means you can remix your tracks either live ‘on-the-fly’, or prepare them in advance using the Serato editor. You can add drum intro's, move sections of track around, repeat sections to create your own edits, all on the go to make your performances unique.

Serato Video

Over the next few year, we can see video mixing becoming more prevalent. The Serato Video expansion pack enables you to have video transitions, in-depth FX blending, and be able to add in your own promotional graphics to your performance. You can also add custom visuals to existing video files in your library for the ultimate visual expression. DJ, VJ, or both? video-macbook-pro_960x568


It.s closet competitor is the Pioneer's DDJ-SX2. One feature of the Denon DJ MC7000 is it has two USB sockets for two laptops than mean two DJ's can play of the same controller. Pioneer's DDJ-SX2's does not offer this. On the flip side something we like about the DDJ-SX2 is that it can be used with Pioneer's Rekordbox DJ software as well as Serato. So effectively you're buying a controller that gives you two choices of software to use. The great thing about Rekordbox DJ is that if you use CDJ's as well your playlist are a lot easier to transfer to memory sticks. Both controllers are quite simply brilliant. Which one to choose depends on your personal needs. If your still unsure feel free come try one out in our store. More information available here.


-4-channel DJ controller with digital mixer -Dual USB audio interfaces—connect 2 computers at once -3 Serato Expansion Packs Included -16 velocity-sensitive performance pads -New dedicated key-matching and changing controls -Solid 6-inch touch-capacitive platters with tracking LED -2 mic inputs with dedicated controls -XLR booth and master connections -Serato DJ DVS-compatible -Solid compact design - Unit Weight - 7kg (without USB cable and adaptor) - Unit Dimensions (width x depth x height) - 664mm X 378.2mm X 68.2mm - Total Power Consumption - 15w - MAC - Mac OS X 10.8, Mac OS X 10.9, Mac OS X 10.10, Mac OS X 10.11 - WINDOWS - Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 - PROCESSOR - i3, i5 or i7 (32-/64-bit): 1.07GHz - SCREEN RESOLUTION - 1280 x 720 - RAM - 4GB - USB 2.0 port