Korg Mini Kaoss Pad 2S - Dynamic Effect Processor
A powered-up mini Kaoss Pad 2, the Mini Kaoss pad 2S ("S" for sampler) is a powerful DJ effect unit that fits in the palm of your hand. It includes the familiar KORG touchpad, which allows you to control 100 different effects, and a sampler function that mean you can load and trigger a variety of sounds. In addition to inheriting effect programs from the KAOSS PAD KP3 and the KAOSS PAD QUAD, it provides an MP3 player with adjustable pitch, making the Mini Kaoss pad 2 unit ideal for creating DJ-Style performances.You can use it as a DJ playback device, or use it to process the entire output of your DJ rig with Korg’s famous KAOSS effects. Instrumentalists, guitarists, sound designers and even just music fans will enjoy using the Mini Kaoss pad 2. The Organic Electroluminescent (OEL) display provides really nice visibility. c90bd055607e994dee7f24cab30d5b35_pc


The Mini KP2 looks pretty similar to its sister product, the Kaosillator 2, with a red trim rather than yellow. They are the same size and shape, the number and layout of the controls and connections are identical, and both require two AA batteries (rather than four as before). To help make the device as small and portable as possible, the Mini KP2's essential I/O connections have been changed to stereo mini-jack from the RCA sockets of its predecessor. There is also no separate headphone jack; the device now features an internal speaker.

Organic electro-luminescent

The LED display on the original Mini KP has been replaced by a much better OEL (organic electro-luminescent) display, which adapts better to varied lighting conditions; and parameter values are now selected not with a rotary control knob, but via a ribbon-style controller (the Value slider) with incremental + and – keys at its edges. Unlike the earlier model, the new Mini KP includes a microSD card slot which can be used to store performances as WAV files. There is now an internal mic, allowing live vocals to be processed and mixed with the output. 967216b655bcccb2699435960a2bfda1_pc


The Mini KP2 features 100 effect programs in eight banks: Filter, Modulation, LFO, Delay, Reverb, Looper, Vocoder and Synth. The effects sound impressive and after ten years of Korg innovation you can see why. A lot of the effects are tempo based and the KP2 has a BPM Auto-Detect, which accurately locks onto the tempo of incoming audio. This continuously analyses the incoming signal and adjusts itself in real time. Of course, auto-detect relies on the incoming signal having a reasonably obvious pulse, but it worked very well during my testing with a range of material.

Mp3 & Wav

The audio player can handle mp3 or WAV files. A cue point can be set within each audio file andthe pitch/speed of audio can be adjusted using the value slider, allowing audio files to be tempo matched to an incoming signal. The Value slider can also be used as a crossfader to blend between audio signals. 77bff2748e327172722f26a116d07da9_pc


Compact, light, and full of KAOSS effects and features. The miniKP brings the advantages of battery operation and mobility, making it an ideal choice for DJ club performances, home studio applications, as well as outdoor live events or even for use as a portable audio player. It is worth looking at its sister product the Korg KO2S Kaossilator Phrase Synthesizer if you are looking for something that self-oscillates.

Effect list

LPF (Low Pass Filter), HPF (High Pass Filter), BPF+ (Band Pass Filter+), 72dB/oct LPF, LPF & Delay, HPF & Delay, BPF+ & Delay, LPF & Reverb, HPF & Reverb, BPF+ & Reverb, Morphing Filter, Radio Filter, Radio Isolator, Isolator, Isolator & Distortion, Isolator & Delay, Jet (Manual Flanger), Manual Phaser, Talk Filter, Digi Talk, Ring Mod & HPF, Pitch Shifter & HPF, Mid Pitch Shifter, Pitch Shifter & Delay, Broken Modulation, Fuzz Distortion, Decimator, Decimator & HPF, LFO LPF, LFO HPF, LFO BPF+, LFO HPF+ & Delay, Infinite LFO HPF+, Random LFO LPF, Random LFO HPF+, Flanger, Deep Flanger, Mid Flanger, Flanger & LPF, Flanger & Delay, Infinite LFO Flanger, Phaser, Mid Phaser, Phaser & Delay, Step Phaser, Auto Pan, Mid Auto Pan, Slicer, Mid Slicer, Slicer & LPF, Slicer & HPF, Delay, Smooth Delay, Low Cut Delay, Ping Pong Delay, LCR Delay, 3 band Delay, Multi Tap Delay, BPF Time Slide, Reverse Delay & HPF, Reverse Delay Mix, Gate Reverb & Delay, Delay & Reverb, Tape Echo, Dub Echo, Feedback Echo, Reverb, Reverb 2, Spring Reverb, Gate Reverb, Reverse Gate Reverb, 3 band Gate Reverb, Grain Shifter, Mid Grain Shifter, Mid Grain Shifter+, Grain & HPF, Grain & HPF+, Looper Forward/Reverse, Vinyl Looper, Rewind Spin Looper, Looper & LPF, Looper & HPF, Looper & Flanger, Looper & Pitch Shifter, Looper & Decimator, Looper Isolator & HPF, Looper & Isolator+, Bass Looper, Looper & Oscillator, Looper & Noise, Unison Saw Bass, Unison Squ Bass, Unison Saw Synth, Unison Squ Synth, Metalic Synth, Siren, LFO Sin, LFO Squ, Noise, Synth & Looper


-LINE IN jacks (RCA phono jacks), LINE OUT jacks (RCA phono jacks), HEADPHONES jack (stereo mini jack) -Sampling Frequency: 48kHz -AD/DA: 24-bit linear -Power Supply: four alkaline AA (LR6) batteries (6 V) -Battery Life: approx. five hours (with alkaline batteries) -Dimensions (WxHxD): 4.17" x 1.14" x 5.08" / 106mm x 29mm x 129mm -Weight: 154 g / 5.43 oz. (without batteries) -Included Item: Four AA batteries -Optional Accessories: AC adapter