Who needs cable when you have an AKAI Professional BT100 Bluetooth® turntable?
Vinyl has seen a huge resurgence in the last few years. There is something special about the format; the sleeve art, the warm natural sound. But, for many, it is still 'inconvenient'. Barriers to entry including; complicated systems of pre-amplifiers, cables, cartridges, phono cables, earth cables and much more. AKAI has attempted to solve this inconvenience with the BT100 .

Pimp My Turntable

The way AKAI has done this is not too dissimilar to how a car company would spruce up a classic car for the 21st century. For instance, a modern BMW Mini that has additions such as a bigger engine, sat nav, ABS, etc, the BT100 gets its equivalent. BT100_front_web_700x438

The Classics

The BT100 has all the features you would find on a classic turntable. A quiet belt-drive system, 33-1/3, 45 RPM speeds. a straight low-mass tonearm and a high-quality moving magnet cartridge for precision tracking of your records. Advantages of belt driven turntables are that the elastic belt absorbs shock and prevents vibrations that are generated by the motor from reaching the platter. Isolating the motor from the platter also results in less noise transmission to the tonearm and it is generally believed that belt drive turntables produce better sound quality due to less noise interference from the motor. The unit has a reserved black finish and clear dust cover that would fit with any decor.

Convert your analog records into digital files

The BT100 has a built-in switchable phono pre-amp so you can use it with a traditional stereo or connect it directly to powered speakers that don’t have a pre-amp. This means no messing around with complicated systems of pre-amps or mixers. The BT100 also has the ability to convert your analog records into digital files via USB with free downloadable software it comes with. This is great for DJ's who want to digitalize their vinyl-only collection (a feature we use a lot in store.) BT100_detail2_web_700x438

Streams music wirelessly to any Bluetooth speaker

We all know how frustrating it can be trying to wire up a turntable. Maybe the best place for your turntables is not next to your speakers. Cabling gets in the way, can be chewed on by your other half's pesky cat or can ruin that wallpaper you had you had no say in any way. Thankfully the BT100 is a wireless streaming turntable capable of sending sound directly from your records to any Bluetooth® speaker. BT100_detail3_web_700x438


It is not the first Bluetooth® turntable on the market but it is definitely the only one that has all these features, at this quality, for under £150. This is not a turntable designed for mixing. If you were looking for an entry level direct drive DJ turntable with USB recording capability check out the Pioneer PLX 500 Turntable (no Bluetooth). As Bluetooth® turntables go at this price range the Akai Professional BT100 is a winner. With all these features no wonder it was our best selling product of Xmas 2016. Find out more here.


- Belt drive turntable - Fully automatic belt-drive turntable operation with two speeds:33 1/3, 45RPM - Bluetooth Transmission, sends out Vinyl Audio wirelessly to a Bluetooth Speaker (not included) - Convert your vinyl records to digital audio file - Built-in switchable phono pre-amplifier with RCA output cables to connect to audio - systems and powered speakers - Dual moving Magnet phono cartridge - DC motor - 33-1/3, 45 RPM speeds - Plastic Turntable Platter - Less than 0.25%(WTD)@3kHz(JIS) Wow and Flutter - 64dB (A-weighted, 20KHz LPF) signal-to-noise ratio - Output level Preamp 'Off' 2.4mV - Output level Preamp 'On' 149mV - 34dB nominal, RIAA equalized phono pre-amp gain - USB function: A/D:16 bit 44.1 kHz or 48kHz USB selectable - USB function: Computer interface: USB 1.1 Compliant Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, - Universal Binary for OS X 10.4 to 10.11 - Power Supply (included): DC12V 0.5A - 420mm(16.5")Wx117mm(4.6")Hx357mm(14.1")D - 2.8kg(6.2lbs) - Accessories - 45 RPM adapter;USB cable; Audio Cable;Power adaptor - Replacement Cartridge: CR250 - Bluetooth 3.0 +EDR