prime 2
It has been revealed today that Denon the forward-thinking dj brand is putting two new Denon Prime controllers into the market. the Prime 4 hit the market with a huge impact and since then we have been asking for a two-channel iteration. Denon listened. Introducing the Denon prime 2 and the Denon Prime Go. We will take a deeper look into these controllers to see what technology remains the same and what's new. As the one and only Denon prime dealer in Birmingham we will be getting both of these units in for you to try. If you want to be ahead of the game and get your order in before anyone else head over to our website where both products are now available to order.

Denon prime 2

The first of the two new controllers is the denon prime 2. This controller answers the question what if we took a prime 4 and made it two-channel. first and foremost the prime 2 is a smaller version of its older brother. the screen size has gone from a 10 to a 7. This is the same size as the screen on a pioneer xdj-rx2 wink wink. Other instantly noticeable alterations from the prime 4 include the lack of an fx screen no jog wheel led ring and no access to the mixer from external sources. prime 2


When it comes to dj controller processing power the Denon Prime range leads the pack. That has not changed with the prime 2. The sound quality and processing capabilities are the same high quality as found in a prime 4. The sound output is 24-bit 44.1khz better than cd quality and the player can even read lossless audio formats such as flac. prime 2


whilst you cannot use the mixer to control external sources such as cdjs and turntables there is an aux input. There are also two microphone inputs. With regards to outputs the master out comprises of balanced xlr or unbalanced rca. Because of this you get the choice depending on what speakers you have. The booth output is xlr only which makes sense as this feature is utilised in bars and clubs 99% of the time.

Feature Heavy

All the features you need are present and correct. Performance pads, check. Prime 4 sized jog wheels and pitch faders, check. The only thing you wont be able to do straight away is to use hid mode with Serato. The Prime 2 will still read your playlists but you will have to wait before going into a live Serato setup. Don't let this put you off though as the controller is designed to be updated. We're sure it wont be long before we get full Serato compatibility.

Denon Prime Go

Go by name go by nature. This model is for the djs who don't need the bells and whistles associated with the higher up Prime units. The design hints at Denons rich history in the dj market known for their compact and classy two-channel setups.

Smart dJ'ing

The term smart dj console has not been used previously as controllers these days range from cheap shells that are merely switches and knobs all the way up to hefty units that may as well be classed as computers. Denon DJ has only gone and made a smart dj controller. The Prime Go will fit in your backpack and incorporates a 7-inch touchscreen display. The controller will also run for 4 hours on battery power alone.

Welcome to 2020, Packed with features

The Denon Prime 4 introduced streaming as a music source for djing via tidal. This is also the case with the go. You can stream music without the need for a laptop. All you need is a wifi connection and the go is a standalone dj streamer. Another huge selling point here is the ability to play music from a usb stick. This is a feature usually only found on larger club level products. This truly is a smart controller. Small but mighty as you can see on the rear of the unit there are no sacrifices when it comes to the soundcard. The only difference when compared to the prime 2 is the booth output which in the Go's case is a trs jack connection. This isnt a cause for concern. we cannot wait to get our hands on one of these. To get your demos booked in give us a call on 0121 224 7650. to order one for yourself visit our website here. Also make sure you check out our blog on the Denon SC6000 and SC6000M Media Players here.