Pioneer DJ Mixers - What are my Options?
With Pioneer DJ mixers, the wide range of options and plethora of model numbers can get confusing. Fear not! We are going to take you through the current range of mixers from small to large! The full range is available to order on our website here. pioneer dj mixers djm birmingham djtechdirect

DJ Mixers

The DJM (DJ Mixer) range is exclusive to Pioneer DJ. The current range is all built around the industry-standard design that became their staple in the '00s. The basic principle is to provide a way to control the volume and frequencies of the audio source (like a complex pre-amp). There are various ways of doing this, with varying degrees of technology needed to achieve certain goals. Therefore, the very basic DJ mixer will include the following 99% of the time; channel volume faders, crossfader, three-band EQ and master volume. There need to be inputs for at least two audio sources. Some manufacturers have come along and reinvented this approach (see the RANE MP2015 and PLAYdifferently Model 1) but only in rare cases.

DJM-250 (Mark 2)

This model represents the basic concept of a DJ mixer. Two channels, three-band EQ and Sound Colour filters for each channel. It works with media players and turntables, with p£hono pre-amps on both channels. You also get the full rekordbox dj and DVS licence bundled in (for the Serato version, see the DJM-S3). This is a no-nonsense mixer for those who want to get from A to B, but with the trusted technology behind Pioneer DJ products. £299.00 pioneer dj mixers djm birmingham djtechdirect djm-250 mark 2 mk2


Whilst the step up in size is minor, this mixer introduces a whole host of additional features. You still only get two channels, but you can take advantage of four sound colour effects. Beat FX also appears on the right of the unit, that sync to the tempo of your tracks. There are also send and return channels on the rear of the mixer so you can connect external devices such as effects consoles. £599.00

pioneer dj mixers djm birmingham djtechdirect djm-450

DJM-750 (Mark 2)

Here we step into the realms of the four-channel club standard setups. This is a full-size mixer and is essentially a four-channel upgrade of the DJM-450. Each channel now has its own colour meter and the mic input has its own EQ section. We get a booth output on the 750MK2, as a lot of bars and clubs utilise this feature (so that DJs in large rooms have their own playback channel). £1,069.00 pioneer dj mixers djm birmingham djtechdirect djm-750 mk2 mark 2


For the top of the range club experience, this is your choice. The Nexus badge ensures that this is the best you can get for the price, which is why 99% of club DJ's have come across one in their travels. Onboard this behemoth of a mixer, we get two more Sound Colour FX; Space and Crush. There are two USB soundcards for back to back sets and swift changeovers. This is more than any of the other DJM DJ mixers. Another great feature is the addition of four coaxial digital inputs and one digital output. The software compatibility on this is also a big improvement, with Traktor and Serato capabilities! £1,959.00 pioneer dj mixers djm birmingham djtechdirect djm-900nxs2 The full Pioneer DJM can be ordered on our website here, where we offer free UK delivery!