Free Prime Loops Sample Packs with Numark DJ Controllers!


Numark DJ Controllers are renowned for being some of the best that the industry has to offer. Whilst taking the Mixtrack Pro II for example – a built in audio interface, touch sensitive jog wheels, Serato DJ Intro software and Akai influenced performance pads give you plenty of tools to get mixing. Although all the tools are there, you may find yourself asking ‘what else do I need?’

The obvious answer of course, is music and yes… You may have plenty of MP3s of floor-filling music to play, but to make your sets stand out as a unique performance in its own right, a lot of DJs are priding themselves on either playing their own exclusive music before its official release or layering samples, loops and more.

To give you that edge when at DJ sets or when making your own productions to play out live, Numark have teamed up with Prime Loops, giving away £129 worth of sample packs giving your live performances and sets that bit extra. The sample packs cover a wide variation of styles and formats including one shot special effects, loops (both melodic and rhythmic), drum hits and more…

The Prime loops sample packs include (click to preview sounds):

Epic EDM, Trap Soundz, Dubstep SFX EDM Anthems Dub Stylez Mixtape Kits numark-dj-controllers-mixtrack-quad-mixtrack-edge

These are available on the following Numark DJ Controllers:

Numark Mixtrack Pro II: £159 Numark Mixtrack II: £139 Numark Mixtrack Edge: £119 Numark Mixtrack Quad: £199

For our official review on best selling DJ controller Numark Mixtrack Pro II (currently available in this free prime loops sample pack offer), click here.