Numark Mixtrack Pro II DJ Controller Review

At DJ Tech Direct we see many products set to improve DJs lives for the better either utilising new technology, working with the latest DJ software or sometimes just being a down-right bargain. One of these particular DJ controllers which ticks all of the above has to be the Numark Mixtrack Pro II. Now in it's Mark II model, we're going to have a look at why it is infact our number one best selling USB controller around.

Numark Mixtrack Pro ii DJ Controller

Jog Wheels

Vinyl maybe something of a collectors item and not necessarily a medium we find in the latest clubs nowadays however it's still top of the list on what a controller needs do to; even if you're not a wannabe DMC champ, for genres including reggae, garage, drum 'n' bass and grime, the spin back is definitely a crowd pleaser for those big tunes that deserve to be played more than once. The Mixtrack Pro utilises touch-sensitive jog wheels - we've found the resolution works well for both fast spin-backs and scratches as long as you're using Wav quality or high bit-rate MP3s (320 kb/s ideally) you'll still get a smooth scratch sound even for slower moves. For those who want more of a control over pitch bending the track whilst in the middle of a mix the scratch setting can be turned off, giving a more hands-on option for accurate beat matching.

Mixer & FX

The mixer works as most conventional mixers do: A classic three band EQ with full kill helps you blend without sounds clashing. We noticed there was no gain control at the top, however after having a mix with it we found that there was no need for it. Serato's auto-gain (which is also a feature present on other sofware packages including Virtual DJ and Traktor) matches the tracks so there at their loudest without distortion so when both tracks are being mixed they are evenly matched. Attention to detail with the resistance in the controls is well thought out with the crossfader being light to the touch for quick cuts with the EQ knobs having less give for accurate tweaks. FX includes 4 rotary controls which can edit filters, flangers, phasers, reverbs and echos. All the FX are easily BPM synchronised so you can tie in filter sweeps into the next phrase in your music. numark mixtrack pro ii large 1

The 'S Word': Sync...

Sync, short for synchronise is a potentially dirty word in the DJing game that often comes up for debate on our Facebook and Twitter feeds whenever we're posting about the latest DJ tech. Firstly the Mixtrack Pro II and 99% of DJ Controllers have a standard pitch control which can be used manually if you are a purist. In my opinion it's a lot about your tune selection and personally I'm not even bothered. I think if you want to nail all the skills as a DJ though it's good to learn the old fashion way just in case when the DJ bookings are coming in you're prepared for anything. Serato's sync feature works great and is perfect for beginners who want to get a good mix sorted straight away. For experienced DJs, the Sync button can be used just to match tempo and it is still up to you when to cue and play your track - let's not forget this also give you the chance to concentrate on the other elements of DJing with a chance to make your set that bit more special! serato-dj-intro-software

Software: Serato DJ Intro

Serato DJ Intro, now onto version 1.1.2 offers everything you'd expect to see in more expensive 'traditional' 2 decks and a mixer DJ setups. With iTunes being one of the most popular download, tablet and computer applications Serato has the option to enable direct linking to playlists you may have already created, or for those who don't you can organise your music via the 'crates' section which essentially works the same. This integrates perfectly with the browsing section of the hardware meaning if you've spent a bit of time making playlists you can scroll through them using the main control knob and load buttons in the middle. For the modern DJ, the software is the backbone of keeping organised nowadays. Aside from the obvious of creating playlists it's good practice to save all hot-cues for easy access for rearranging your track live or just for quickly skipping to the section of the track for perfectly timed drops. Aside from the sample player, FX and helping you stay organised the Software has a handy waveform display - a helpful visual aid to reinforce what you'll be listening on your headphones and speakers. Serato have colour-coded the waveform so different frequencies show up different colours. Depending on the genre and style you'll often find that kicks and lower frequency bass lines will have more of a red tone, with snares and higher frequencies towards a blue and green colour.

Upgrate To Serato DJ

The Mixtrack Pro II although comes in at the affordable price point of £159, don't be fooled - it's as much as a professional DJ tool as it is something perfect for beginners to learn with. For those who think they have outgrown the Intro version you can upgrade to Serato DJ. Advantages to upgrading include being able to record DJ sets, advanced iZotope FX Plugins and serato video intergration - check our comparison chart below: Serato DJ Intro VS Serato DJ

Numark Mixtrack Pro II vs Mixtrack Pro

With features such as sync and DJs being more organised DJing is evolving to become a lot more involved and more performance based. Even entry level DJ controllers are utilising this with the Numark adding features such as Akai MPC style pads. The original Mixtrack Pro had 3 hot cues across the top with a smaller, harder plastic finish, now with 8 rubberised pads, not only can you guarantee you'll actually hit them after a few cans from your rider, it makes a more involved performance tool and easier to trigger samples and control loops too. Generally speaking the new model is finished off a lot better too avoiding the plastic feel with streamlined look.

To Sum up...

The Mixtrack Pro II is the best value and without doubt our best seller. With everything you need out the box including the built-in headphone and speaker output and it's potential for software upgrades is perfect for those wanting to get into DJing and is not to be sneered at by the professionals either! We love the Mixtrack Pro II - come visit in-store and have a go for yourself and you'll see why! numark mixtrack pro ii pads zoom

Free Prime Loops Sample Packs with Numark DJ Controllers!

As if that wasn't enough, for a limited time only Numark are giving away £129 worth of Prime Loops Sample packs. This is perfect for adding loops and one-shot samples over your live mix, but at the same time you can also use it in your own music productions. This is also available on other popular Numark DJ Controllers including the Mixtrack Edge, Mixtrack II and the 4-deck version of the Mixtrack Quad. Read more here.