Get Making Music Now!
There is no time quite like the present to get into making those bangers like you have been hearing in the clubs and on the radio over the past year. Dance music in general is back in a big way, and whether it is just for a bit of fun at home or to get your self a ˜slice of the action™ now is the time to dive head first into it. Ok so we are not all blessed with the ability to play the keyboard fantastically well but hey¦ neither are half the pro™s! Thanks to companies like Ableton, making music has become a lot more accessible over the past few years. Ableton Live, for instance, offers an easy to grasp and straight forward work flow with the ability to deliver fantastic results. So there is no excuse - it really is so much easier than it was œwhen I were a lad..." All you need to decide is which version you need. Ableton Live Intro. See this as 'dipping your feet into the water', as it were. However this is far from a ˜light™ version. Giving you the full power of Ableton Live just with a few less effects and only limited audio and MIDI channels. However, there is more than enough here (including a huge volume of sample content) to get you going in the right direction and to keep you occupied, out of the cold on these winter nights. Still unsure? Don™t be. You will currently find 25% off Ableton Live Intro with Ableton Live 8 Live 8 The 8th edition of the production, remixing and live performance super-software, Ableton Live 8 is the real deal. If you're serious about getting into making music and want a œno holds barred, fully fledged sequencing platfor, then this is the one for you. With enough content to give you a tonne of creative scope as well as unlimited audio and MIDI tracks, your creativity can run wild. There are a multitude of built in audio and midi effects and and instruments too. Now is the perfect time to get Live 8 as DJ Tech Direct are currently offering 25% off making the dream a reality with Ableton Live 8 now only £249! And to top it off, you even get a FREE upgrade to Ableton Live 9 as soon as it is released! You can™t say fairer than that, eh? Ableton Suite 8 Suite 8 This is for those who want it all. All the instruments, all the effects and all the sample content you could need do be making hits in no time at all. This is the Flagship version of Ableton Live with all the trimmings. Speaking of trimmings why not treat yourself to an early Christmas present and get Suite 8 now with a discount of over £100 from DJ Tech Direct. Plus, you will even get a FREE upgrade to Suite 9 when it comes out which now includes the sought after ˜Max for Live™ add on giving you access to even more instruments and effects. So there has never been such a good time to get into Making music with Ableton Live and DJ Tech Direct. These discounts wont be around forever - so act fast: Get Ableton Live Intro here: Get Ableton Live 8 here: Get Ableton Suite 8 here: