Get to Know Guide: Pioneer's Rekordbox

Get to Know Rekordbox

With recent developments in digital tech and software, never before has there been so much choice in the industry. Sometimes all this can be a bit overwhelming. Our "Get to Know" series aims to make life a bit easier. We'll be covering three of the biggest software brands in DJing - Rekordbox, Traktor and Serato - with a short, simple guide to their uses and functions. To kick things off: Pioneer's Rekordbox.

The Basics

Perhaps the most widely used software across UK clubs and venues. A result of Pioneer's position as the industry standard. But before we move onto Rekordbox's hardware applications, let's delve into the software interface. Tracks can be tagged with hot cues and colour coded notes; pre-organise all your drops, breakdowns and loops with gentle reminders to ensure smooth and performative sets. Tracks are analysed as soon as they're dropped in too. Picking up on Waveform, BPM, artwork key and more. And with an extensive, on-board Rekordbox tutorial mode you'll be a pro in no time!

Rekordbox Controllers

There are a whole range of Rekordbox ready controllers on the Pioneer shelf, but which one is right for you? If you're just starting out the DDJ-400 is your go to. With two channels and all the most popular effects, it's the ideal way to start your DJ path - simple and easy to use with a tiny price tag. Tier two takes you to Pioneer's SR2. Quality build and additional external inputs make this one of the best mid range controllers out there. And towards the top of the range there's the DDJ-1000. A 4 channel performance mixer that boasts as much breadth and versatility as the Nexus setup. Club standard jog wheels and on board info points can bring focus away from the laptop screen too! That's all for now. Look out for part 2 by following our blog and socials! Happy mixing.