Get to Know: Native Instrument's Traktor

Get to Know Traktor

With recent developments in digital tech and software, never before has there been so much choice in the industry. Sometimes all this can be a bit overwhelming. Our "Get to Know" series aims to make life a bit easier. We'll be covering three of the biggest software brands in DJing - Rekordbox, Traktor and Serato - with a short, simple guide to their uses and functions. For the second in our series: Native Instrument's Traktor.

The Basics

The recently updated Traktor Pro 3.1 has quickly placed itself as a worthy contender in the DJ software arena. Now used in bars, booths and some of the biggest festival stages around the world. Alongside the usual hot cues, loops and beat jumps, Traktor's newest interface also includes over 40 intuitive, high-grade effects. And with Mixer FX feature, using said effects is easier than ever; turn them up, down, on, and off, for out of this world transitions. Traktor is certainly one for the creative thinkers out there!

Traktor Controllers

As specialists in hardware-software integration, Trakor and Native Instruments offer a dizzying range of compatible devices. But let's first look at the controllers on offer... New to the game? Looking for something affordable? The S2 MK3 has you covered. A 2 channel controller with one-touch looping and seamless setup. If you're looking for more versatility and 4 channels, look no further than the S4 MK3. Rotating jog wheels for an authentic vinyl feel make this particular product and industry first too! For all-in-one treatment the Kontrol S8 offers top tier DJ freedom. Replacing the jog wheels with touch pads, hi-res displays, and other max control options. Finally. the F1, X1 and Z1 models are unique compact controllers. Favoured by DJs for live remixing and as additions to existing hardware. That's all for now. Look out for part 3 by following our blog and socials! Happy mixing.