Get to Know: Serato

Get to Know Serato

With recent developments in digital tech and software, never before has there been so much choice in the industry. Sometimes all this can be a bit overwhelming. Our "Get to Know" series aims to make life a bit easier. We'll be covering three of the biggest software brands in DJing - Rekordbox, Traktor and Serato - with a short, simple guide to their uses and functions. For the final stint of part 1: Serato.

The Basics

Serato DJ Pro is certainly one of the more popular softwares globally, favoured by scratch DJs and selectors alike. Low latency in DVS makes it an essential partner to any digital setup. Renowned for its reliability, it powers the world’s best artists on some of the biggest stages. As well as supporting over 90 pieces of hardware, it can now stream sounds too! Keeping things ahead of the curve.

Serato Controllers

From bargain controllers to pro standard multi-functional DJ companions, Serato supports a whole range of portable products. The Numark Party mix offers a highly affordable option for beginner DJs. It's small, lightweight design makes it incredibly easy to carry on the go too. Moving up the 2 channel ranks, Pioneer's SB3 adds additional touch pads, filters and weightier jog wheels. At the more advance end of the spectrum, the DDJ-SX3 and Denon's MC7000 bring 4 channels into the mix, combined with a host of FX and sound sculpting capabilities. And for serious hybrid hardware, it's even compatible with kit like the DJ-808 from Roland - a controller with an integrated drum sequencer. That's all for now. Look out for part 4 by following our blog and socials! Happy mixing.