Get to Know: Pioneer's Rekordbox Pt. 2

Get to Know Rekordbox Pt. 2

With recent developments in digital tech and software, never before has there been so much choice in the industry. Sometimes all this can be a bit overwhelming. Our "Get to Know" series aims to make life a bit easier. In part 2 we'll be covering the more advanced uses of Rekordbox, Traktor and Serato, looking at the latest hardware and features. Coming full circle, its Pioneer's Rekordbox.

Advanced Features

As well as controller use and music organisation, Rekordbox also benefits from more advanced features. Additional sample packs can be added and purchased to bring more colour to your performances. Trigger in the software or on compatible hardware devices. Bring lighting and VJ control to your sets too, ideal for mobile DJs or those looking to bring some unique production to the club. And with DVS add-on, turn your digital files into vinyl controlled tracks. Perfect for turntable owners looking to get more out of their hardware. Dig into both your shelved record collection and hard drive! Unlock the power of the timecode vinyl with Rekordbox's own interface or DVS ready mixer.

Rekordbox Multi-Players & Mixers

With a whole range of multimedia players and mixers out there, it's important to get the right one for you. As the champions of Rekordbox, Pioneer offer a whole host of software ready DJ kit. At the more affordable end of the spectrum there's the USB only XDJ-700 players and DJM-250 mixer (DVS ready), save money and space with everything you need to get started as a DJ. Or for the premium set up you can grab the CDJ2000 NXS2s and DJM-900 NXS2 mixer. Found in clubs all across the UK. And for the scratch DJs out there, Pioneer offer the DJM-S9 chock full of FX and slick faders. Built with software control in mind! That's all for now. Look out for part 3 by following our blog and socials! Happy mixing.