The DDJ-200 - Pioneer's Most Affordable Controller at £139

Pioneer's Most Affordable Controller at £139

The DDJ-200 is the cheapest controller ever made by the leading authority on DJ hardware. Compatible with both laptop and phone in a lightweight, intuitive design. It may be small, but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in usability and features.

Built to Stream

Connect the DDJ-200 to your smartphone, tablet, or PC/Mac. Compatible with a host of softwares like WeDJ, MWM SAS’s edjing Mix and Rekordbox. Streaming services are supported too; discover music from numerous genres in vast online libraries. Even better, when connected to the DDJ-200, enjoy free use of all the Rekordbox features that would typically incur in-app billing.

Learn To DJ As You Go With Tutorial Mode

The DDJ-200 comes with an easy to use Tutorial feature, summarising the basics of DJ’ing into simple steps. Figure out: how to connect the controller to your devices, use various features and effects, and pick up tips on performance techniques. WeDJ for iPhone also offers the Pop-Hint feature that explains the functions of buttons without switching screens.

Sound Like a Pro with Transition FX

The DDJ-200 is the world’s first DJ controller to reproduce various patterns of DJ mixes. Activate the Transition FX feature in WeDJ, choose from 11 patterns, and simply slide the crossfader to switch from one track to the next via a professional-standard transition.

Split Audio Outputs For Maximum Compatibility

Split cables can be used to separate the audio output of your smartphone, tablet, or PC/Mac into master and monitor outputs. This enables you to check audio in cue via your headphones while the crowd hears the master sound playing through the speakers. On demo in our store now! Also available to buy over the counter or via our website: