Hercules DJ Control Wave iPad Wireless DJ Controller: Perfect for Parties
Hercules DJ Control Wave iPad Wireless DJ Controller is the ideal companion for the on-the-go, multi-platform DJ. Gorgeously designed as well as brilliantly performer, this model just may become your new favourite DJ Controller. Let’s take a glimpse at what the Control Wave is capable of, namely its awesome connectivity options. Designed for the modern DJ who is fully connected across all platforms, the model allows you to control your mix from every screen in your repertoire. Hercules-DJ-Control-Wave-iPad-Wireless-DJ-Controller-1 That’s right: whether you want to work with a PC, Mac, Android or iOS, the Control Wave has you covered. If this wasn’t enough, the model is also a wireless controller, which has the ability to completely liberate your mixing experience. Let’s take a closer look at the different mixer options that the model offers.

New Mixing Possibilities

The Control Wave liberates your mixing possibilities in a fun and easy to use style. You can mix with your Mac or PC with the standard USB connection. So far, so normal. But you can then expand and enhance your mix by connecting your phone or tablet to the model via its in-built Bluetooth connectivity and innovative DJUCED Master app. Hercules-DJ-Control-Wave-iPad-Wireless-DJ-Controller-4 The ability to switch between mixing with your computer or tablet or to combine between the two truly enhances the mixing experience. Utilise the USB connection to enjoy a traditional and robust mix, or opt for the wireless connection and enjoy the intuitive quality of mixing with a tablet. Hercules-DJ-Control-Wave-iPad-Wireless-DJ-Controller-2 Whichever screen best suits your working style and needs, you can be assured that the Control Wave is fully adaptable to your needs. Plug in or go wireless, grab your laptop or swipe your tablet. It is entirely up to you!

Liberate Yourself

The Control Wave comes kitted out with its own bespoke app, DJUCED. This app offers a ‘My Remote’ feature which allows you to control your mix from a phone or tablet. As a result you are liberated from the need to stand with your kit, instead you are free to mingle with your audience or party goers. If you’re looking for a model that allows you to really enjoy your performances, this is definitely the model for you. Hercules-DJ-Control-Wave-iPad-Wireless-DJ-Controller-3 If the thought mingling with the audience away from your kit while the music is playing truly freaks you out, don’t fear. You can still stay in control of the playing tracks, even while standing away from the kit, thanks to the app’s designated ‘Panic’ button. This feature handily plays a track automatically that seamlessly fits with your mix. This is a truly great feature that embodies the liberating nature of the model.

Fun Features

The Control Wave is specially designed for parties and creating fun, dynamic nights that get the crowd pumping. If you are searching for a high-calibre DJ controller, you are looking in the wrong place. If however, you want an enjoyable, easy-to-use design, then look no further. Hercules-DJ-Control-Wave-iPad-Wireless-DJ-Controller-5 The model’s ethos is encapsulated in the app’s quirky playlist and voting feature, that allows you to share your track list with your partygoers. They can then vote for their favourite tunes and you can watch the results in real time. They can also send you requests and dedications, which you can view on your smartphone or tablet.

Elegant Aesthetic

The model’s unique curved design is based on the shape of a wave. The sleekly shaped model is then enhanced by a lacquered finish and silky smooth jog wheels, alongside subtle backlighting and sharp visual ques. Thanks to its lightweight and portable design, you can take this sophisticated to any party or performance. Hercules-DJ-Control-Wave-iPad-Wireless-DJ-Controller-6 The Control Wave won’t break the bank and is a great companion for bringing the atmosphere to any party. If you looking for a fun controller that is perfect for parties, then the Control is most definitely for you.