Lenco L-84 USB Record Player with USB Connection: Super Entry Level Design
Lenco L-84 USB Record Player with USB Connection is exactly that: a record player enhanced with a USB connection, brilliantly bringing together the best of analogue and digital technology. Whether you are looking for a hard-working yet affordable turntable for your hi-fi system, or you want to securely back up your favourite vinyl recordings, take a closer look at the L-84. Lenco-L-84-USB-Record-Player-with-USB-Connection-1 Before taking a closer look at the model, let’s get the lowdown on the L-84’s creator, Lenco. Founded in the 1960s by a husband and wife team, this Swiss brand has prided itself on designing and crafting innovative yet accessibly priced turntables. The L-84 continues the brand’s rich heritage, bringing together expert craftsmanship and cutting edge design at a great price.

Stellar USB Connectivity

The main drawer of this model has to be its USB port. This feature sets this model apart from its contempories with a similar price tag. Not only can you sit back and enjoy your favourite vinyl, but you can also convert your vinyl to a digital format by simply connecting the model to your PC. This offers the peace of mind that your vinyl records are backed up and protected, while also allowing you to enjoy them in the way they were designed to be heard. Lenco-L-84-USB-Record-Player-with-USB-Connection-2

Robust and Reliable Features

The model showcases a host of features that you would expect from a turntable at this price range, with each contributing to its reliable and robust performance. The L-84 includes an integrated stereo pre-amplifier so you can be assured of a strong and clean sound performance. As you would expect, the model’s two rated speed settings are 33 RPM and 45 RPM. The L-84’s moving mechanical cartridge is joined by a mechanical arm lift and a belt drive design. While it may showcase modern digital connectivity, the traditional analogue components of the turntable have not been lost. The model’s user-friendly design is evident by its removable dust cover so you can keep your model safe from pesky intrusions so your vinyl plays to its optimum performance. Lenco-L-84-USB-Record-Player-with-USB-Connection-3

Minimalist Aesthetic

At first glimpse, you may not consider the L-84 a serious turntable option. The model’s plastic appearance and curvy design give it a toy-like quality which sets it apart from higher end models. This is an unfair assumption however; as the L-84 is sturdy and hard-working despite its lightweight build. The buttons and ports are all neatly and logically displayed. For a turntable at this affordable price, you can’t really ask for much more.

User-Friendly Design

Due to its accessible price tag, the model is specially designed to appeal to turntable newcomers. Indeed, the model makes a great first turntable for those who are new to the world of vinyl. As a result, the L-84 is a super user-friendly model. Every aspect of the model is pre-fitted, so you can literally take it out of the box and start playing. Lenco-L-84-USB-Record-Player-with-USB-Connection-4 An example of this user-friendly design can be seen with the large ‘Reject’ button. You do not need to physically move the arm to stop the record playing mid-song. Simply press the ‘Reject’ button on the front of the model and the record will stop. This is particularly helpful for new users who maybe are not used to the sensitive, tactile nature of vinyl.

Fantastic Introduction to Vinyl

If you’re looking for your first turntable or know somebody who is taking their first tentative steps into the world of vinyl, then point them in the direction of the L-84. For its superb vinyl to digital conversion capability, at such an accessible price point, this model punches well above its lightweight design.