dj bags
Being a DJ can be expensive. It can start adding up and it your kit gets damaged, it can cost and arm and a leg to get it fixed. DJ controllers come with lots of knobs and buttons. They rely on sturdy audio connections however these often get knocked, get dropped. I think ill stop there before i give DJ's flashbacks of their traumatic experiences. So what are the best accessories and gadgets to keep your DJ equipment safe and protected? decksavers


You can get decksavers for most major controllers, CDJ's and mixers and can be a God Send. Gone are the days of someone accidentally spilling a drink all over your unit. They are also useful when just storing your kit at home. Placing decksavers on your kit means you won't get a build of dust on or in the unit. No unwanted dirt falling into your units. This may seem like a superficial thing however over years the build up of dirt and dust inside your unit can deteriorate it so its always good to keep things clean. For a typical decksaver you are looking at between £30 to £50 depending on your product and i'm sure you can find one for your kit on our website. flightcase


If you spend alot of time on the road and are constantly moving your kit from venue to venue then a flightcase is definitely a solid investment. When you are moving your gear is when it is most likely to get damaged. That's why its important to make sure its protected when moving it so to avoid unwanted bumps. A good Flightcase will make it easy for you to carry. You want it to be convenient to pop open and start. You can find flightcases that become entire workstations, packing in shelves and cable management. We stock a greate range of flightcases from UDG and Magma, all available on our website. carry case

SoftCases/Carry Bags

If you don't have such a big unit or don't want the extra weight of a full metal flightcase then a carry bag or softcase may be the one for you. Most of them still come well padded inside meaning your kit won't be getting shaken about and knocked as much. It also means easier portability. Pioneer make custom cases and bags for all of their controllers and mixers. If you don't like the Pioneer stuff then you can always find something in the UDG and Magma ranges. udg backpack

Equipment Bags

Once you have your main controller or bigger kit all safe, so many dj's forget to look after the little things. There's nothing worse than lost USB's, broken cables or damaged vinyl. So its important that you have some way of making sure you don't forget anything and also that its well looked after when you're out and about. Theres a few different form factors to choose from. You can find some really cleverly designed backpacks and side bags aswell as record trolleys.

Power Supplies and Cables

The last thing to mention, and often forgotten about, is your power supplies and cables. One of the biggest causes of damage to products is things like electrical surges or faulty power supplies. It is always worth having a good extension lead with a surge protector. Also you can buy upgraded power supplies and kettle leads which will ensure that your kit is always ready to go. Making sure you have high quality audio leads will also mean you are feeding your kit with the best quality sound.


Your equipment is only good if it works so make sure you take care of it. These additions are a small price to pay when it comes to saving you money in the long run. Most DJ's learn the hard way so why not be the exception and be prepared. Our website stocks plenty of accessories.